Addressing Your Pet’s Ringworm with Homeopathy

Sepia for a Cat’s Ringworm My client consulted with me about her cat’s dry, scaly skin. She said her vet diagnosed her cat with Ringworm. My client said for the last couple of weeks, she noticed that her cat has been scratching a lot behind her left ear. When she took a closer look, she […]

Homeopathy and Your New Puppy

Homeopathy and Your New Puppy New puppies are a joy! Depending on the age of the puppy when you bring it home or the puppy’s prior environment, puppies can be stressed or even sick. I’ve listed a few common ailments I get calls about and how homeopathy can help with your new pet. Maybe your […]

Animal Wellness Days

Animal Wellness Days Sue Ann and I were featured in the Hunterdon County Democrat, you can check it out here. You bring home a new little puppy, he’s in the crate downstairs, but the first night home he’s whining, and whining and whining. You want to bring him upstairs to your bed, but you don’t. You […]