Do You Want to Say Goodbye to Nerve Pain?

Peripheral Neuropathy

The Ultimate Solution for Peripheral Neuropathy Revealed! Does this Sound like Your Peripheral Neuropathy Symptoms? A new client called asking me if Homeopathy can help Peripheral Neuropathy. She told me she was just diagnosed with Peripheral Neuropathy. She said about a year ago, she started noticing her feet would feel numb, as if they had […]

Hydrocele—A Homeopathic Approach

My 35-year-old client called to tell me he was just diagnosed with a hydrocele. He said his testicles are very swollen and have a burning sensation. The testicles feel better when he applies a cool compress to the genital area. I selected the homeopathic remedy Apis Melifica 200c and had him take it three times […]

Using Homeopathy for Your Vaginal Discharge Issues

Do you experience a white, yellow or green vaginal discharge? Have you ever gotten a yeast infection (Candida) after taking antibiotics? Do you have a red, burning vaginal area that is itchy and sometimes swollen? You may also have a sour smell from a creamy yellow discharge. Having a constant or reoccurring vaginal discharge is […]

How to Read the Hidden Clues Your Body Is Giving You

How to Read the Hidden Clues Your Body is Giving You Have you ever thought about why you may have developed a pimple or wart on a particular part of your body? The location in which you developed an eruption or some other kind of symptom is hidden clues your body is trying to give […]

How a Close Call Can Affect Your Health

Did You Know a Fleeting Thought or a Close Call Can Affect Your Health? Have you ever had a close call incident while driving? An animal jumps out in the middle of the road or someone almost hits you? Then a couple of weeks later, you come down with a cold, flu or some other […]

What Does Table Salt Have in Common with Grief and Depression?

What Does Table Salt Have in Common with Grief and Depression? Are you familiar with the old story of Sodom and Gomorrah, when the city was being destroyed, they were told not to look back? And Lot’s wife, looked back and she turned into a pillar of salt. That is exactly what table salt is, […]

Homeopathy for Dry & Secondary Drowning

Homeopathy for Dry & Secondary Drowning Drowning facts and prevention: Something You May Not Know About Drowning Many years ago, when my father and I were just starting to study Homeopathy, we were asked to help a young man who had been in a coma for a few days; a result of a near drowning. His […]

The Link between Suppression and Recurring Symptoms

The Link between Suppression and Recurring Symptoms Homeopathy uses a unique way of viewing symptoms. It’s as if our body is nothing but a movie screen showing us symptoms that are an outward expression of what is really going on inside of us. When those expressed symptoms are covered up we are suppressing the illness […]

8 Ways to Take a Homeopathic Remedy

Did You Know that there are 8 Ways to Take a Homeopathic Remedy? Now that you have selected a Homeopathic remedy for your acute symptoms, the next step is how to administer the Homeopathic remedy. Do you administer the Homeopathic remedy dry or wet? What does administering a Homeopathic remedy wet or dry even mean? […]

Colds, Sinus Infections & Coughs

Cold weather is coming and so are colds, sinus infections & coughs As we move into colder weather some of us may be prone to colds, sinus infections, coughs, etc. There are many homeopathic remedies that can help. I have listed a few below that I use on a regular basis with my clients. Echinacea […]