Chronic Symptoms in Homeopathy

Symptoms that reoccur over the course of the year and weaken the immune system. These symptoms come from reoccurring acute symptoms that were not addressed and now they become part of you. A homeopathic remedy needs to be selected for the whole person as to why they are having these reoccurring symptoms. The remedy is usually taken once a day depending on the individual circumstance. Typically lower potency remedies like 6c or LM potencies are used. Every chronic symptom, at one time started as an acute symptom; that is why it is always best to address acute symptoms. 

Example of chronic symptoms

One becomes scared from having a near car accident. By giving that person the homeopathic remedies Aconite (fright/fear) and Gelsemium (anticipation of what could have happened), acutely prevents them from having any repercussions (cold, cough, etc.) from the close encounter a few weeks down the road. This could also lead to chronic anxiety and panic attacks, especially about driving a car.Chronic cases require a Homeopathic Consultant

Chronic case taking needs more in depth knowledge of Homeopathy (Homeopathic Consultant) to select a Homeopathic remedy for the whole person as to why they are having reoccurring issues.

Chronic Symptoms in Homeopathy:

•    Allergies
•    Asthma
•    Headaches
•    Skin – eczema, psoriasis, etc.
•    Digestive issues – Irritable bowel, Crohns, etc.
•    Grief, depression

The above list is just an example of Chronic Symptoms, there are many moreIf you are having issues with chronic symptoms, please get in touch to set up a Homeopathic Consultation.