Rasavidya Health & Qigong

History of Rasavidya Health and Longevity System

The Rasavidya Philosophy original school Ayurveda, has deep roots into ancient past ages, a Yoga Medicine Philosophy; the oldest medical system on earth.  Rasavidya means “Long Life Wisdom and Practice.” Rasavidya School of Medical Alchemy based on original Yoga Medical and Longevity Science. The knowledge and techniques for long & healthy life are found within ancient health system. Through understanding charkas & pranas (vital force), one can cure diseases, extend life and enhance human functions. The Rasavidya Health and Longevity System has most time tested concepts of health & longevity practices.

The Rasavidya Health & Longevity System (Medical Astrology)

This ancient system cultivates health, longevity & happiness and is a method of understanding and utilizing universal life cycles. And is the study of life, growth and all the transformations associated with these changes. The Rasavidya Health and Longevity System is based on the 7 chakras – seven spinning vortexes found along the brain and spinal cord and how they relate to the seven closest astrological planets. These chakras are turning on and off throughout the day and year creating positive or negative responses in our health. This is another tool that can be used in the Homeopathic consultation to help decode a client’s health picture. The Consultant will want to know accurate birth data, because the individual’s place in the universal cycles is defined by the date and time of birth to chart out the 7 chakras. This charting system helps us understand when these chakras turn off and on which enables us to find our weak organ/chakra. With this knowledge we can compensate the way we live or change the conditions around us in order to live a healthy, long and happy life.

Rasavidya Health & Longevity Chart & Consultation

In our culture stress plays a major role in effecting our health and our body.  The Rasavidya Health and Longevity Chart will show your weak or vulnerable organs and how to work with them for improved health and longevity even through stressful time periods.  This consultation includes a 1 hour phone call explaining your chart with supporting documentation emailed prior.  Also included is your specific Qigong pose sequence to improve your health and documentation explaining this pose sequence in detail.  Lastly, tincture recommendations are included for your vulnerable organ systems to strengthen and balance your body.  Additional charting information will also be sent so that you will be able to continually update your chart to foresee possible times when your body may become unbalanced.