Homeopathy success stories

Number One Fan

I am Virangini Cindy’s self-proclaimed Number One Fan, and my sentiments are the result of her expertise that has guided me and my family for almost 20 years. My first encounter with Cindy was with my daughter who was two months old at the time, and she had bronchiolitis, which is baby bronchitis. What seemed to begin as a cold just got so much worse, so I brought her to the doctor. The doctor said she was too young for antibiotics, and I thought she was going to die because she kept choking and gagging. Whenever I laid her down, she would immediately start to choke and gag. Changing her diaper was a nightmare! For three nights, I slept in a sitting position, with pillows all around me, holding my daughter so she wouldn’t choke. Even when I held her in an upright position, sometimes she would choke so much that her little arms would flail back and forth, and her little face revealed such a horrific panic because of her apparent inability to breathe correctly. Several trips to the doctor’s office proved to be an exercise in futility and frustration because he couldn’t provide any relief for her. It was so stressful, especially since driving with her was extremely difficult. I recall having to pull over right in front of Exit 18 North on the NJ Turnpike. She had begun choking, and I just stopped my car right in front of a closed lane and flew around the car to get her out of her car seat. It was freezing outside, and I got in the front seat with her and waited until she calmed down. Then I ran around and put her back in her car seat. The drivers in cars that were in line saw me, and the driver in the car nearest mine compassionately let me through to pay the toll. That was before EZPASS, and the lines used to be so long! I was so thankful because I just had to get her back to the doctor! I just didn’t know what else to do…I was doing everything the doctor told me and was using a vaporizer…but nothing helped.

Finally at the doctor’s office, I had hoped for a solution to the terrifying distress my daughter was experiencing. However, I was utterly distraught when the doctor explained that he had good news and bad news. The bad news was that her condition would continue for six weeks…but the good news was that she wouldn’t get any worse…Six weeks…six weeks…she couldn’t endure six weeks of this…She was choking and gagging and panicking…She couldn’t breathe, and I’m being told six weeks!!!

Needless to say, my trust in Cindy is unshakeable. When I call her, I know my family will benefit from her services, each and every time. I’m her Number One Fan.

At my wits’ end, I called my sister. I remember her telling me about homeopathy, which I knew nothing about. I hadn’t wanted to try it due to my ignorance about it. However, at that point, I had to find a solution, and the doctor could offer none. I called Cindy, and she told me what I needed. It was after 9 pm, and I needed those remedies immediately. My daughter just could not endure another night of this…My sister happened to have the required remedies, and my brother-in-law graciously drove over an hour to get them to us. Cindy told me that I would be able to lay my daughter down, and I was…She didn’t even choke…I was astounded. Not only that, but she was just about back to normal in THREE DAYS!!! I couldn’t believe it and was ever so grateful! I honestly thought I was going to lose my daughter because some babies die from bronchiolitis.

That was my first encounter with Cindy, and since that time, there have been many more. A recent issue involved a different daughter who seemed to develop asthma. Again, a trip to the doctor proved futile, and even the inhaler the doctor prescribed could not provide relief. Cindy’s thorough, investigational skills revealed the cause of my daughter’s breathing problems, and within days, my daughter’s breathing issues disappeared. Once again, Cindy proved to be the reliable, knowledgeable consultant that she has always been. Needless to say, my trust in Cindy is unshakeable. When I call her, I know my family will benefit from her services, each and every time. I’m her Number One Fan.

Josephine, Hamilton, NJ

Virangini Cindy helped to heal my son’s eczema

I started working with Virangini Cindy after searching for a natural treatment for my 10 month old sons eczema. I noticed a positive change in his mood and sleep within a few days of finding the correct remedy. And within the next few weeks his skin symptoms had started to improve as well.  I was so impressed by how quickly we were seeing results that I decided to take her ‘Homeopathy for Everyday Needs’ class. The class helped me to gain more knowledge of how to manage a case and see the cues for the next remedy.

With Cindy’s help I learned how to treat fevers, aches, pains, injuries and so much more.

Jennifer, Flemington, NJ

Taking Cindy’s homeopathy classes was the most important thing I ever did for my health and peace of mind

Taking Cindy’s homeopathy classes was the most important thing I ever did for my health and peace of mind (not to mention eliminating all the hours I used to spend waiting in doctors offices and in the CVS prescription line). Now I can respond within minutes to a bee sting, a scratchy throat, food poisoning, a grandchild’s earache or even a fall down the stairs. In this age of antibiotic resistance, having a basic familiarity with homeopathy is as important to us as it was to the early settlers of America traveling west by covered wagon.

It has never been more important to be able to address one’s own health challenges. The information I learned in Cindy’s classes allowed me to move out of the “disease management system” that calls itself “health care” in America.

It is such an empowering feeling to be able to take care of oneself and one’s family. It has been a privilege to have been able to take classes with someone who has such extensive experience and the determination to generously pass on to others what she has learned over the years.

Elaine, Easton, PA

Journey with Autism isn’t the easiest path but doing nothing was not an option and looking back over the past couple year, all our troubles and hardships have been rewarded tenfold

My son was diagnosed with autism when he was 2 years old; it was a depressing time for our family.
We couldn’t/wouldn’t accept that our son wasn’t smart enough because we could see the light in him and could feel his frustration when he wasn’t able to do something. So we decided to find the right combination of therapies including praying for him every day. Though I am not a big believer of non-conventional medicine, but when you know that there is no treatment you try everything possible. When my son was 2.5 years old, someone told us about Cindy Rounsaville and her homeopathic remedies, I was not very sure if this medicine will have any impact, still I contacted her. When I met her, she explained the fundamentals behind homeopathic medicine which certainly made sense to me. First time when I met Cindy, Aviral was almost 3 and he had only couple words which he could speak. Now he is five, he can speak sentences, responds to questions and tells short stories. Cindy’s medicine together with early intervention services from county and my prayers have made an enormous difference to the health and vibrancy of our family.

I feel confident working with Cindy, that all will be well. I cannot recommend her highly enough. She shows great compassion, I feel her like a family member when I talk to her about my son.

Kirti, Lutherville, MD