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Acute Symptoms in Homeopathy

Symptoms that come on quickly, cause a temporary disruption to health and need to be addressed immediately. Acute illnesses often require taking a remedy more frequently. The remedy may be taken every fifteen minutes to every three or four hours, depending on the intensity of the symptoms, and the potency of the homeopathic remedy. Typically high potency remedies like 30c/x or 200c/x are used. Examples of acute illnesses are flu, bladder infections, fevers, headaches, injuries and other traumas.

Case Example of Acute Symptoms:

Child with a fever will need to take a homeopathic remedy every fifteen minutes until the temperature comes down one tenth of a degree.  Once the temperature had decreased one tenth of a degree, the homeopathic remedy is backed off and not repeated until the temperature starts to climb again.

Examples of Acute Symptoms in Homeopathy

The above list is just an example of Acute Symptoms, there are many more. If you are having issues with acute symptoms, please get in touch to set up a Discovery Call.

Self-Care For Common Ailments

One does not need to have any in depth knowledge of Homeopathy to be able to select a homeopathic remedy for Acute symptoms; once they have an idea on how to select a homeopathic remedy.

If you are interested in learning more about how YOU can manage your own Acute symptoms by learning to use Homeopathy…..then check out my online self-study courses on various topics !

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The Only Protocol I Use in Homeopathy, is the Quick Initial Dosage Protocol

Rather than chase symptoms around all day long with a homeopathic remedy and not knowing if selected the correct remedy, I personally use and have my client’s follow a Quick Initial Dosage Protocol when administering a homeopathic remedy for acute symptoms (i.e., headache, cough, injury, PMS, UTI’s).

The protocol entails taking a couple of quick doses of a 30c or 200c homeopathic remedy within a 1 ½ hour time frame. And you will know within 1 ½ to 2 hours if you are taking the correct homeopathic remedy, by the results you are getting.

Such results can be within 1 ½ to 2 hours tops:

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