Can the Tongue Indicate Health Problems? How Can Homeopathy Help?

Did you know what you see on your tongue tells what is happening inside your body? I have always said your tongue is the dipstick of what is going on inside your gut (stomach, liver). The appearance of your tongue (i.e., color, shape, texture) reflects your digestion along with giving you hidden clues of health […]

What Can be Done to Help Clear Up Acne?

What Can be Done to Help Clear Up Acne? Acne can be a nuisance to clear up, not to mention, how one feels about their appearance when having an acne breakout. There are many products in the market that are supposed to “clear up acne.”  The problem with these products whether prescription or over the […]

Help! I’m getting Worse!

Help! I’m getting Worse! I often receive a phone call from a client telling me that they are getting worse.  After hearing, what has transpired over the past few days, in most cases, I am explaining that they are not getting worse that they are getting better. Let’s set the stage. If you are taking […]