When I work with my pregnant clients, I always ask, “How are you feeling?”, because how you are feeling can also affect the baby in the womb and after the baby is born. How you are feeling can also affect how your pregnancy will go, whether it be morning sickness, swelling of the legs, etc.

Case Scenario: Anxiety Pre-Delivery Affecting Newborn

A client of mine called me about her 1-month-old baby crying a lot. She went on to tell me she couldn’t put the baby down without him crying, whether it be to go to sleep or just to lay the baby in the bassinet to change his diaper. She gave her baby the homeopathic remedy Pulsatilla, thinking it was a clingy or abandonment feeling the baby was feeling. I told her I was thinking of Pulsatilla, too, as I was hearing the baby’s symptoms, but Pulsatilla did not help in any way. I asked her “How was the delivery?” She stated that the delivery went well, as this is her 3rd baby. It was a home birth, and the Apgar score was a 9 (10 being the best score). I then started investigating further back in the pregnancy, asking her questions about anything that happened 1-2 months before the birth, such as “Did she get sick or take any medications during the pregnancy?” “Did anything happen in the family dynamics (i.e., kids, husband, or extended family)?” She said “No, but I was in a small fender bender at 8 months pregnant and there was a little damage to the side of the car. She went on to tell me she was freaked out about the airbag coming out and hitting her belly and hurting the baby. I asked if she took any homeopathic remedies after the incident and she had not. I had her give the baby a dose of the homeopathic remedy Aconite 30c and Gelsemium 200c. and within 30-minutes or so, my client was able to put the baby down with a little less crying. Later that day, she was able to lay the baby in the bassinet to have the diaper change and to sleep.

Aconite and Gelsemium were selected for anxiety and wondering what will happen next. The baby had picked up on the mother’s fright and anxiety when she had the little fender bender and the anxiety that the airbag might hurt the baby. What you are feeling is most likely to be exhibited in the baby after the delivery in some way or another.

Are You Feeling Abandoned?

You may be feeling sad, lonely, or abandoned lately. Maybe your partner has been away on business trips more than usual. He may be trying to finish up a few clients or obligations at work for the last couple of months so he can be home with you after the baby’s born. You may be eating food to comfort your abandoned feeling. The homeopathic remedy you need is Pulsatilla. You will take Pulsatilla 30c every night at bedtime for a few nights until your sad and abandoned feelings start to lessen. If you don’t take Pulsatilla for your abandonment feelings while pregnant, your baby may exhibit Pulsatilla symptoms. The baby may be very clingy and start to crying every time you lay her baby down to change her. You just nicely rocked her to sleep, and as soon you lay her down, she starts crying again, and you have to pick her up to comfort her. You could still give her the Pulsatilla 30c to address the abandoned feeling she picked up from you.

I have also seen false labor or the baby being in a breech position from the mother feeling abandoned during the pregnancy. The false labor or breech position can still be addressed with a dose of Pulsatilla 200c to turn the baby around head first and engage the baby’s head in the pelvis for delivery.

Have You Been Crying a Lot Lately?

You and your partner haven’t been getting along lately. He’s stressed out with work and worried about not making enough money to support a baby. You’re stressed out because he’s been stressed out. The both of you have been arguing a lot over the littlest things, and you are not feeling well. You are 10 weeks pregnant and still dealing with morning sickness. You find yourself crying during the day after feeling nauseous. Some days you are just sobbing from the stress you are feeling. You love your partner, but sometimes you hate how he’s been acting since you became pregnant. The homeopathic remedy you need is Ignatia Amara. After taking 1 dose (1-3 pellets on the tongue) of Ignatia Amara 30c at bedtime, the next morning, you should feel a shift in how you feel less stressed out. How will you know Ignatia Amara helped you? You will be crying less often, and your morning sickness may even be less, too. You will repeat Ignatia Amara 30c if you feel stressed out and start crying (sobbing) or have a love-hate feeling towards your partner.

Your partner can take a homeopathic remedy too for the stress he is feeling about work and being worried about making enough money to support all 3 of you. The homeopathic remedy he needs is Calcarea Carbonicum for feeling overwhelmed and worrying about providing for the family. Give him 1 dose of Calcarea Carbonicum 30c (1-3 pellets) at bedtime, and his overwhelmed mindset should shift the next morning. Giving him Calcarea Carbonicum will also help you, too, in the big picture. He will repeat 1 dose of Calcarea Carbonicum 30c if he becomes overwhelmed again.

Are You Feeling Frustrated?

You are in the 8th month of your 3rd pregnancy during a hot, humid summer. You can’t wait for the baby to be born. All you have left is to finish getting the baby’s room set up. You can do it yourself, except for the crib. You need the baby’s stuff brought down from the attic. Your partner has been busy between work and tending to your 3 and 6-year-old children. You are becoming very frustrated with the situation. You understand your partner is doing his best to take care of everything. You asked him 2 weeks ago to bring all the baby stuff downstairs and put it in the baby’s room. You want to get everything set up so you can relax a little before the baby’s birth.

The homeopathic remedy you need for the frustration and inability to control what is happening around you is Natrum Muriaticum. You will take 1 dose of Natrum Muriaticum 200c (1-3 pellets) that night to help shift the frustration you are feeling. Another characteristic of Natrum Muriaticum is that they have a hard time letting go. This can be dwelling on repeated thoughts (chatter) that keep cycling. You may have been constipated the last few days. In trying to make the perfect decision you are analyzing things over and over again.

What to Do When There are Too Many Hats to Wear

Some days you don’t know which hat to put on first. You’re a single parent by choice, your second child is due in a month, and you are still working a full-time job. You have various people helping you (your parents, babysitter, and friends). But some days, it can be a lot to handle as you are coming to the end of the pregnancy. Your 3-year-old loves being with her grandparents and the babysitter. However, for her there is nothing like being with you. She wants to have tea parties with you. She wants to help you set up the last few items in the baby’s room. Some days you are overwhelmed with getting everything set up before the baby’s arrival. You run back and forth to the midwife every couple of weeks for your check-ups. You’re making arrangements for various tasks to be done for you after the baby is born. Such as who will pick up the food ordered online and who can take your 3-year-old a couple of hours a week between the family members and the babysitter.

The homeopathic remedy you need is Calcarea Carbonicum for the overwhelmed feeling and trying to juggle it all, getting yourself set up for an easy transition for when the baby comes home, and not disrupting your 3-year-old’s routine too much.

Anxiety About Raising a Baby

Sarah, a friend’s daughter, was feeling anxious about raising a baby. She was excited when she found out she was pregnant until she was 6 months pregnant and started to feel the baby move. Then the anxiety about raising a baby set in. She said, ” What if I don’t hear my baby cry at night to breastfeed?” “What if I drop my baby?” “What if I don’t love my baby?” “What if I am not a good mother?” I explained to her that it is common for new moms to have anxiety about being a mom and raising a baby. I asked her if she got her dog as a puppy? “Yes” she replied. Did you love your puppy from the moment you saw her? “Yes, from the moment I saw her, Sarah replied. Have you been able to take care of your puppy’s needs, feeding, and hearing at night when you first got your puppy? “Yes”, she replied again. Now, if you can raise a puppy who is now a 3-year-old dog, what makes you think you can’t be a good mom to your baby? I know raising a puppy is much different from raising a baby.

The 2 homeopathic remedies you need for your anxiety and wondering if you will be able to raise a baby are Aconite 30c and Gelsemium 200c. Tonight take 1 dose (1-3 pellets on the tongue) of each remedy, and you will see how much your anxiety has shifted tomorrow. Your anxiety will not start to go away just yet, until the first time you hold your baby and fall in love with your baby. Each day after that, as you continue to care for your baby, your anxiety about being a good mom and raising your baby will slowly dissipate. A few days later, I saw Sarah, and she could not thank me enough for recommending a dose of Aconite and Gelsemium. She said, “It was just as you said, the next day, the anxiety was in the background, not so close on my radar that it preoccupied my day”. I told Sarah to repeat 1 dose of Aconite and Gelsemium when the anxiety intensifies again. After seeing the various case scenarios presented in this blog, you now have a better understanding of how important it is to address your emotions, especially when pregnant.

You don’t take a homeopathic remedy for every little feeling you have. You only want to take a homeopathic remedy for mental and emotional feelings that continue to go on longer than 24 hours. A sign of health is when you can shift feeling sad, overwhelmed, or any other mental and emotional feeling back to balanced. You do not have to be pregnant to take any homeopathic remedies described here. If you can relate to any of these case scenarios, you too can take the suggested homeopathic remedy(s).

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