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Homeopathy Helps with the Nail Fungus/Athlete’s Foot Connection

My client’s husband consulted with me about his toe nail fungus he has suffered with for the past 10 years. He told me that he had gotten Athlete’s Foot when he was in high school 12 years ago, and normally uses topical ointments to clear it up. About 2 years after his symptoms had first started, he noticed that the nail on his left big toe was starting to become thicker with a light-yellow color. He said,” I have tried all kinds of products for nail fungus, which didn’t really do anything. Now, my toe nails are more discolored yellow and the nails have bumpy ridges. My toes are also itchy, and scratching doesn’t help. There also seems to be a burning sensation in my toes.” I selected the Homeopathic Remedy Thuja 30c, to be taken daily in a Remedy Solution Bottle (RSB), with 10 succussions. I told him that we need a month or so for the nail bed to start to grow out a new nail. However, we have to see what happens with the toe itching within the next 10 days, which should also let us know if Thuja is helping the toe fungus.

A month later, my client reported that for the most part, his toes are itching less. He said he sees ever so slightly what looks like a new nail growing out from the nail bed. I did tell my client not to be surprised if the itchy toes come back. We will just have to address the Athlete’s Foot symptoms, too. The Athlete’s Foot is most likely why he developed the toe fungus initially. He will continue taking the Thuja once a day with 10 succussions, until it is no longer helping the toe fungus or Athlete’s Foot. We will then select another Homeopathic Remedy according to the remaining toe or nail symptoms. Two months later, my client updated me. He said the new nail growth is 1/3 of the way now. It took a little over a year for this nail to completely grow out. At about the 9th month, we had to increase the Thuja succussions up to 12 when his toes started to itch again (Athlete’s Foot symptoms).

What is Toe and Finger Nail Fungus?

Toe and finger nail fungus also known as Onychomycosis is a fungal infection of the nails that is caused by Dermatophytes, a type of mold. Dermatophytes also called Tinea Unguium feeds off of Keratin (a protein on your hair, nails and outer layers of the skin), found in your fingernails and toenails, along with yeasts and saprophytic molds which develops into a fungal infection. The toenail and nail fungus happens when the molds get between your nails (toe and finger) and the nail bed (the tissue right underneath your nails). This commonly happens where there is a crack or cut in your toe or finger. Nail fungus is more apt to occur on your toenails and less likely on your fingernails.

Toe and Finger Nail Fungus Symptoms

Most toe and nail fungus infections start with the nail becoming thick and discolored. The fungus usually starts at the tip of the nail and then progresses downwards towards the root of the nail.

  • Discoloration of the nail – white, yellow, black, or green
  • Nails are thick, rippled or wavy
  • Nails are brittle, crumbly and or peeling
  • Nails are misshapen
  • Hard nails, usually hard to cut
  • Painful nails, especially when the fungus causes an ingrown nail along the border of the toenail
  • Skin near the infection becomes itchy, cracked, red or swollen
  • Fungal area is foul smelling, especially the feet


What Causes Toe and Finger Nail Fungus

You may have a higher risk of getting toenail fungus if you have:

  • Wearing shoes that cause your feet to get hot and sweaty
  • Sweating a lot, especially your feet and hands (Hyperhidrosis)
  • Toenail fungus comes from suppressed foot or jock sweat; from applying powder or other topicals on the sweaty skin and develops into Athlete’s Foot
  • Injury to nail
  • Digestive problems especially over growth of bacteria in the gut small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO)
  • Some health conditions such as Diabetes, Peripheral Arterial Disease and Psoriasis
  • Poor blood circulation to the feet


Homeopathy Clears Nail Fungus from Carpentry Nail Bag

My dad was a Homeopathic Consultant like I am. However, before that he was a carpenter. During his last few years doing Carpentry, he had developed a nail fungal infection from placing his fingers in the Carpenter’s nail bag reaching for nails. Those nail bags can get pretty funky with saw dust, nail filings from the carpentry nails, and dirt. My dad’s nails were thick, cloudy and disfigured. The nails would split at the ends, too. He took the Homeopathic Remedy Silicea 30c daily, with 10 succussions. for a good year before he really saw any improvement. That was most likely because he was still doing the carpentry work, which meant still putting his hand into the nail bag. It was not until he stopped using the nail bag and moved to using a nail gun that he was able to get relief. Once he moved to the new way of nailing, his condition started to improve with the Silicea, and eventually started to heal. When he retired from Carpentry and did Homeopathic Consulting and Teaching, his nails were finally able to totally clear up.

Did You Know Nail Fungus is Contagious?

Yes, nail fungus, is contagious and can easily spread between people, animals, and the soil, as well as indirectly from public areas (i.e., walking barefoot around swimming pools, shower areas, locker rooms and gyms).

Common Homeopathic Remedies for Toe and Finger Nail Fungus

You want to select a Homeopathic Remedy according to your finger and toe nail symptoms (i.e., color and texture of nail). Administer the selected Homeopathic Remedy in a 30c potency in a Remedy Solution Bottle (RSB) with 10 succussions once a day (bedtime). It will take a couple of months to see if you are taking the correct Homeopathic Remedy, because nails grow out very slowly. You will know you have selected the correct Homeopathic Remedy when you see your nail growing out from the nail bed as a new nail.

Antimonium Crudum For fungus infection of nails, especially the toe nails, with fungus that grows under the nails. The nails are brittle, horny and grow out of shape and split. There can be rough, peeling skin with horny patches. These horny patches can be under the nails and very tender, making it hard to walk on them. The fungus infection has discolored the nails, thickened the skin in spots causing deformity of the nails.

Bufo Rana For finger and toe nails that have a bluish or blackish color. The skin around the nail(s) is swollen and may have pus. The nail symptoms can have a deep dull pain that runs upward to the armpit (axilla).

Fluoricum AcidumThe nails are distorted and crumble, and grow very rapidly from the fungal infection. You may have a splinter like pain under the nail(s). Your nail can have vertical ridges (longitudinal). The nail symptoms can be associated with a sore pain between the toes.

Graphites Is selected for nails fungus that tends to form where the tip of the finger cracks open causing the area to become swollen, ulcerated and may ooze a sticky substance. The nails become thick, hard (indurated), brittle and crumbly. Nail(s) can break easily, especially at the finger tips.

Nitric Acid – The nail fungus has a distorted, discolored yellow look that is curved with a sticking pain under the nails of the fingers and toes. May have white spots on the nails, too.

SiliceaIs selected for nail fungus where the nails are yellow, rough, brittle and disfigured. The nails are fragile, usually have white spots, and split. The toe and finger nails have a sharp pain, especially the finger tips, which are dry, and painful at night. The feet, hands, and armpits have an offensive smelling sweat.

Thuja The nails are discolored, brittle, soft and distorted (ribbed). The fingers or toe tips are inflamed with a crawling sensation. The skin can be very itchy and is worse after scratching. Bathing the foot in cold causes the foot to itch more. The itchy skin can have a burning sensation. The nail fungus is especially worse on the left foot (toes) and hands (fingers).

Charcoal Helped Toenail Fungus

I had a neighbor who didn’t want to take a Homeopathic Remedy for her toenail fungus, she was a little leery of Homeopathy. Yet she wanted me to recommend something for her 2 fungus ridden nails. I had her place Food Grade Activated Charcoal paste made with water on her toenails every night, and wrap the toes with gauze. After a couple of months, her nails started to grow out as a new nail. The Charcoal paste pulled out the toxins from her toenails.

How to Prevent Fungal Nail Infections:

  • Dry your feet and hands completely, after washing with soap, especially between toes and fingers
  • Wear shower shoes whenever walking or showering in public places
  • Changes your shoes and socks daily
  • Replace old footwear that could be contaminated with a fungus
  • Wash and dry all body parts with clean towels
  • Avoid nail polish (known to trap water or moisture) to nails that are infected
  • Avoid cutting or tearing the skin around the toenails since it may cause a fungal infection
  • Trim nails straight across, smoothing out the edges with a file
  • Don’t share clippers or scissors with other people
  • Make sure the salon uses properly sterilized equipment between uses
  • Address your Athlete’s Foot with a Homeopathic Remedy to avoid the infection spreading to your nails


Taking a Homeopathic Remedy for toe and fingernail fungus infections takes time to address because the nail grows out very slowly. It can take1 ½ years for a nail (toe and finger) to regrow completely out. Nails grow out in 3-month increments. I suggest taking a picture of your nail once a month to watch your progress you are making.


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