How to Make Thuja Oil for Warts and Skin Tags

Take a look at my video where I show you how to make Thuja Oil for warts and skin tags.

In homeopathy, there are many homeopathic remedies for warts:

  • Warts that bleed
  • That are hard
  • That are flat

There is a homeopathic remedy called Thuja that can cover ALL these various kinds of characteristics for warts.

Homeopathic remedies for warts are usually administered orally.

For the past 30 years, I have recommended that my clients apply Thuja oil topically on their warts and even on their skin tags.

The supplies you need to have to make up your Thuja oil:

  • Thuja 30c pellets
  • Two paper cups
  • A small amount of water (preferably spring or distilled water)
  • A measuring spoon (preferably a tablespoon)
  • A container to store your Thuja oil in
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • A disposable spoon
  • A pen
  • A label
  • Tape

First, pour a drop or two of water into one of your disposable cups. Next, add one or two pellets of Thuja to the water and leave the pellets.

The bigger the pellets, the longer it’s gonna take to dissolve.

While I’m waiting, I’m gonna mix up my olive oil. Pour 1 tablespoon of oil in the other paper cup.

Thuja oil goes a long way so you don’t need a lot.

Pour a small amount of the water and Thuja solution into the oil. Take the disposable spoon and gently mix it around.

Then I’m gonna pour it into my container.

The last thing you’re gonna do is label your Thuja oil.

To administer Thuja oil onto your wart or your skin tag, you want to apply a small amount of it directly onto the wart or the skin tag.

Just a small amount of the oil goes a long way.

I also like to use a good quality aloe vera gel.

I’ll put my Thuja oil on first and then I’ll put one or two drops of the aloe vera on top of the Thuja.

To mix it in, do 36 circles with your index finger around the wart or skin tag.

If you have several warts or skin tags, you may want to take two or three fingers and do the whole area instead of doing one spot at at time.

You want to apply Thuja oil once a day.

I prefer to do it a bedtime so you don’t get the oil all over your skin during the day.

Apply Thuja oil once a day, at bedtime for several weeks.

You want to be consistent in doing this.

What’s gonna happen is, as the Thuja oil and the aloe vera are working, it’s making that wart smaller and smaller.

You’re gonna get down to a little black speck. Something like a little black sesame seed. That is the root of the of the wart. When you see that, keep applying your Thuja oil and aloe vera.

Eventually, that little speck is gonna fleck right off.

You have completely addressed and taken care of your wart now!

As far as the skin tag goes, you’re gonna keep twisting it around and it’s gonna either rub or twist right off.

Next time you have a wart or skin tag, make up some Thuja oil and apply it!


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About the Author: Virangini Cindy

Virangini Cindy Rounsaville, C. Hom., is a homeopathic health consultant and educator who has been involved with homeopathy since the early 1980's. She has studied the field extensively with internationally known homeopath and author Dr. Robin Murphy, N.D., among others. She began teaching and consulting in 1983 and, along with her late father Louis Dion, C. Hom. began a homeopathic study group in Hunterdon County, NJ to help people learn and use homeopathy in their daily lives. Virangini Cindy works closely with medical doctors, chiropractors, and other homeopathic and holistic practitioners. She has incorporated Rasavidya Medical Astrology (different than regular astrology) into her practice as well. Having practiced QiGong since the 1980's, she uses medical QiGong poses alongside the medical astrology to help individuals with life issues and chakra balancing.