How to organize your Homeopathic Remedies

I’m sharing a few tips on how you can store and organzie your Homeopathic remedies.

How many times do you know you have a homeopathic remedy, but can’t remember when you used it last and can’t find it? It’s funny how many times I hear this from my client’s and students. Whether you are receiving the Homeopathic remedies from consulting with me or on your own, you can easily acquire quite a few Homeopathic remedies.

Storing and organizing the Homeopathic remedies can be a task in itself. I like to store my Homeopathic remedies in a travel kit with ½ dram vials in green bullet boxes. My cabinet of Homeopathic remedies in various potencies (almost 3,000 remedies)Homeopathic remedies in a pencil bag
List of Homeopathic RemediesCoin envelopes stored in plastic trading cards sheetsHomeopathic Remedies stored in a craft box

Storing Homeopathic Coin Envelopes

If the Homeopathic remedy came from me, the first thing I tell them is to place a paper clip over the coin envelope after opening. This is done by folding over the envelope, so no pellets are able to fall out and place a paper clip over the envelope.

You can store your coin envelopes in an alphabetized file box. Or store them, as one of my clients recently shared, in plastic sports card sheets that you can buy in an office supply store. Then store the sheets in a 3-ring binder. She also used a post-it stating what she uses the remedy for (i.e. Apis – Swelling). What a great idea!

Storing Homeopathic Remedy Vials

1 dram, ½ dram vials or Borion Blue Tube Vials can be stored in file boxes. I like to store my Homeopathic remedies in a travel kit with ½ dram vials in green bullet boxes, that is stored in my car at all times. Do not store Homeopathic remedies in red bullet boxes.

My client has also shared with me how she stores her Borion blue tubes Homeopathic remedies in a pencil bag. She also places a paper towel in the bottom of the pencil bag to keep the vials in position. And organizes them in a 3-ring binder.

She also made a list of the Homeopathic remedies that she has. This way when we are talking about a particular Homeopathic remedy, she could quickly let me know if she has it or not.

My Homeopathic Remedy Cabinet

As you can imagine, over the past 30 years I have accumulated a large supply of Homeopathic remedies in various potencies (almost 3,000 remedies). Here is a picture of my Homeopathic remedy cabinet.

Has anyone else come up with creative ideas to organize your homeopathic remedies? I would love to hear how you organize and store your Homeopathic remedies.

Happy Organizing!


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About the Author: Virangini Cindy

Virangini Cindy Rounsaville, C. Hom., is a homeopathic health consultant and educator who has been involved with homeopathy since the early 1980's. She has studied the field extensively with internationally known homeopath and author Dr. Robin Murphy, N.D., among others. She began teaching and consulting in 1983 and, along with her late father Louis Dion, C. Hom. began a homeopathic study group in Hunterdon County, NJ to help people learn and use homeopathy in their daily lives. Virangini Cindy works closely with medical doctors, chiropractors, and other homeopathic and holistic practitioners. She has incorporated Rasavidya Medical Astrology (different than regular astrology) into her practice as well. Having practiced QiGong since the 1980's, she uses medical QiGong poses alongside the medical astrology to help individuals with life issues and chakra balancing.