While you are being monitored for placenta previa, you can take a homeopathic remedy, as shown in the case examples. You will select the homeopathic remedy according to the symptoms you exhibit for placenta previa. Each homeopathic remedy has specific symptoms that differentiate one remedy from another for the same health condition. You will take the selected homeopathic remedy in a Homeopathic Remedy Solution Bottle (RSB).

What is Placenta Previa?

During pregnancy, a placenta (an organ created by the body specifically for pregnancy) develops inside the uterus, which usually is located near the top of your uterus and connects to your baby through the umbilical cord. The placenta provides the growing baby with oxygen and nutrients from your bloodstream. Placenta previa is a condition that occurs when the placenta is lying low in your uterus, next to or covering the cervix (the opening between the uterus and vagina) inside the uterus. The location of the placenta is checked during mid-pregnancy by ultrasound and again later if necessary. Placenta previa early in your pregnancy is usually not considered a problem. If placenta previa is diagnosed after your 20th week of pregnancy, you will be monitored regularly to see if the placenta moves away from your cervix and back up closer to the top of the uterus. The concern for placenta previa is that it can cause bleeding, which can lead to other complications and may require an early delivery.

3 Types of Placenta Previa

  1. Complete or Total Previa – Your placenta covers the cervix completely
  2. Marginal Previa – Your placenta lies on the border of the cervix
  3. Partial Previa – Your placenta covers part of the cervical opening once the cervix starts to dilate


What Are the Symptoms of Placenta Previa?

  • Bright Red Vaginal Bleeding (spotting to hemorrhaging) – The main sign of placenta previa
  • No Symptoms – You may not even know you have placenta previa


A routine ultrasound or physical exam will confirm if you have placenta previa.

Possible Complications from Placenta Previa

  • Major hemorrhage (bleeding) for the mother. Bleeding can occur during the pregnancy, labor, delivery, or in the first few hours after delivery.
  • A shock from loss of blood, anemia
  • Fetal distress from lack of oxygen
  • Premature labor or delivery
  • Health risks to the baby, if born prematurely
  • Emergency cesarean delivery
  • Hysterectomy, if the placenta fails to come away from the uterine lining
  • Blood loss for the baby
  • Death


Your doctor or midwife will continue to monitor you every couple of weeks via ultrasound until you deliver the baby. If the bleeding becomes severe, it may cause you to have an emergency C-section.

If you have placenta previa at the time of delivery, you will require a C-section to deliver the baby.

Homeopathic Remedies for Placenta Previa

  • 30 – Placenta previa with profuse bright red bleeding (hemorrhage). May have painful urination with the uterine symptoms. Your symptoms are worse from the slightest exertion and pain on the left side of the abdominal or umbilical (belly button) region.
  • Ipecacuanha – Is selected for hemorrhaging from placenta previa. You have nausea and vomiting from the bleeding, which does not feel better from vomiting.
  • Phosphorus – Has heavy gushing blood when you stand up with the placenta previa. You may feel lightheaded or spacey from the heavy bleeding.
  • Sabina Officinalis – You are hemorrhaging and passing clots with the placenta previa. Your bleeding is worse from the slightest movement.
  • Sepia – Has a bearing down (pressure) feeling in the pelvic area as if everything will fall out from the vagina or no symptoms with the placenta previa. Also has pain in your left hip.


Reversing Placenta Previa with Homeopathy: A Case History

My 20 weeks pregnant client calls me stating she was just diagnosed with placenta previa. The ultrasound shows the placenta covering her cervix. She doesn’t have any bleeding or any other symptoms. She started having contractions when she was 18 weeks pregnant. She did have morning sickness and felt tired for the first 10 weeks of pregnancy. Recently, she has been having a lot of left hip pain from lifting her 2-year-old. My client also commented that if not for the left hip pain, she almost doesn’t feel like she is pregnant, that’s how good she is feeling. However, she does get a little tired from time to time. Her next ultrasound is in 3 weeks. I had my client take the homeopathic remedy Sepia 30c every night at bedtime. My client called back 3 weeks later, saying the ultrasound showed the placenta shifting away from the cervix. I had my client continue taking Sepia 30c every night until the placenta has completely moved back to its proper place. After each ultrasound check-up, my client continued reporting to me, letting me know the placenta is slowly moving away from the cervix. She was able to carry the baby full term and delivered a healthy baby girl vaginally.

  • If you do have placenta previa and no bleeding or any other symptoms, your doctor or midwife may recommend you to cut back on your activity level and increase bed rest.
  • If you are bleeding very heavily, you may need to be hospitalized until you and the baby are stabilized.
  • If your bleeding stops or is light, you may need to continue to be on bed rest until the baby is ready for delivery.
  • If bleeding doesn’t stop or if preterm labor starts, the baby will be delivered by cesarean section.


Homeopathic Remedy Addressing Bleeding in Placenta Previa: A Case History

A client 26 weeks pregnant calls stating that she had pink spotting yesterday when she bent down to pick up something. She called her doctor, who told her it could possibly be nothing, but told her to schedule an ultrasound to ensure everything was okay. I had my client take the homeopathic remedy Arnica Montana 200c a few times a day for the spotting she has from the trauma of bending down and picking up something. My client called after the ultrasound to inform me that she has placenta previa. The placenta is entirely over the cervix, which is causing her to continue to have more bleeding every day. Since she has placenta previa and is bleeding bright red blood daily, I had my client take the homeopathic remedy Erigeron Canadensis 30c daily at bedtime with no succussions. My client reported that she is improving a week after being on Erigeron Canadensis daily. She hasn’t had any bleeding since she started Erigeron Canadensis, though she passed one very dark clot last week. She then went on to tell me that everything feels heavy and low and feels pressure in the uterine area. She feels pain in the uterus, especially when she does too much. I had her increase the succussions on Erigeron Canadensis from 0 succussions to 2 succussions and continue taking it every day for a couple of days. If the heavy pressure feeling does not improve after a couple of days, taking Erigeron Canadensis 30c with 2 succussions to stop Erigeron Canadensis and switch to the homeopathic remedy Sepia 30c with no succussions every night at bedtime for the pressure.

A week later, my client called after seeing the doctor stating that the ultrasound still showed the placenta has not shifted. However, the pressure and heavy feeling in her uterus is feeling better. I told her it has only been 2 weeks since she started taking a homeopathic remedy for the bleeding and placenta previa. Erigeron Canadensis was only needed to address the bleeding, not the placenta previa. I suggested we see what Sepia 30c does as she continued to take it every night at bedtime. Two weeks later, my client calls excited to tell me the placenta is starting to shift. That is fantastic news! I suggested continuing to take Sepia 30c with 0 succussions every night. When my client went into labor, the placenta had completely shifted back towards the top of her uterus, and the delivery went very well.


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