Winter Blues Got You Feeling Down?  How Homeopathy Can Help.


Do you have problems falling asleep, especially after midnight during the winter? Do you find yourself feeling anxious, depressed, hopeless, or doomed like there is no way out during the months of November through February? Did you know having these symptoms and other symptoms during the winter months you may have Seasonal Affective Disorder? If […]

Find Out Here if You are a Calcarea Carbonicum

Do You Know What It Means When I Ask: “Are You a Calcarea Carbonicum”? Find Out Here if You are a Calcarea Carbonicum. Calcarea Carbonicum (Calc Carb) is a homeopathic remedy made from Calcium Carbonate (common lime). These are the white rocks you may see in your area and/or the white mineral deposits you will […]

Fight Back to School Stress with Homeopathy

Fight Back to School Stress with Homeopathy Back to School Stresses can Trigger Various Emotional Feelings The First Day of School It’s your little one’s first day of school. And he is clinging to your leg as you get ready to leave the class room. He is crying “Mommy, I want to go home.” The […]

Homeopathic Remedies to Get You Through the Holidays

It’s that time of the year when we can feel stressed from all of the holiday events. This can be stress from family gatherings, missing a loved one or when participating in a holiday performance. Then there is the stress of over eating or eating those foods that we do not agree with us all […]