Do You Know What It Means When I Ask: “Are You a Calcarea Carbonicum”?

Find Out Here if You are a Calcarea Carbonicum.

Calcarea Carbonicum (Calc Carb) is a homeopathic remedy made from Calcium Carbonate (common lime). These are the white rocks you may see in your area and/or the white mineral deposits you will see in your well water. Calcium is the foundation of our body structure (bones, teeth, muscles, including the heart (calcium based)). Calcarea Carbonicum is what is called a Polycrest remedy (i.e., commonly used remedy) and used as both an Acute and Constitutional homeopathic remedy. In clinical homeopathy a Constitutional homeopathic remedy is usually selected based on the healthy genetic characteristics that someone is born with.

Interestingly the Unites States is dominant with Calcarea Carbonicum people. This is because our culture is full of people with a strong work ethic and a tendency to be over responsible. The downside is that these types of people tend to burn themselves out. It is believed that forty percent of all children start out as a Calcarea Carbonicum baby for the first 2 years of life (walking, teething, talking). As they mature, they can go into other homeopathic fundamental remedy layers. The Calcarea Carbonicum remedy is used at the very beginning of life and throughout life to the very end.

Calcarea Carbonicum is one of the healthiest homeopathic remedies, (i.e., healthy human beings) with healthy characteristics such as being responsible, very down to earth and practical people, always ready to help others. The trouble begins with the over helping and being over responsible. The Calcarea Carbonicum people, overtime of repeated behavior, can burn out from the physical, mental and emotional exertion put into all their growing list of activities.

Who Are the Calcarea Carbonicum People?

They are very nice honest people with integrity, and are naturally hard-working. They are the go-to people. The people you seek out when you want something done. They are the ones that are always there to help you, because they really care about people.

Strangely, they may arrive at the job late (known for being late for appointments) and the job may not get done on time, but it will be done right. This is due to their methodical way of thinking and working out the steps on how to do a task before they get started. As a result, they can be perceived as slow starters. It is true that they don’t jump into an activity and figure it out as they go along, they work it out in their head before they begin.

Example – You ask them to rearrange the various boxes according to size and color in your warehouse. And you tell them that you will be back in one hour to check on them. Putting a time constraint stresses out a Calcarea Carbonicum person. Why? Because, they know they are slow starters and have a systematic way of getting things done. Calcarea Carbonicum have to first decide on what is the best way to do the job (small boxes first or by color). Once they get started, they are good to go and will have the job done beautifully, but not in the timeframe you wanted the job done.

In this early stage of Calcarea Carbonicum they are very healthy. They can handle things (i.e., work, family life, helping others, taking classes). They have this over-responsible nature and people tend to gravitate toward them; always wanting the Calcarea Carbonicum to help them (i.e., fix their car, stop at the store for them, cut their grass).

Feeling Overwhelmed Which Leads to Worry and Anxiety

What happens is, the Calcarea Carbonicum person over extends themselves by taking on lots of tasks for others and for their own family’s needs. Taking on much more, eventually leads them to over work, because they want to put order in the world. And that is what gets them in trouble; always there for others, because they can’t say “no”.

They know they are starting to have a problem managing everything that they do, and begin to feel overwhelmed with everything, they have taken on; helping the elderly neighbor, kid’s practices, meetings, work and the list goes on.

This is what I call “not being able to keep all of the plates spinning or all of the campfires going”. They start having problems taking care of themselves. They don’t eat well, don’t get enough sleep, exercise etc. Feeling overwhelmed about not being able to keep up with the many tasks they have committed to they can become paralyzed and they don’t know where to start; everything seems important to them and they become “stuck”.

Example – One of my clients explained it to me as: You’re looking the at all of the Thanksgiving dishes in and around the sink. And you don’t know where to start. Once you start the job, it gets easier. This simple example is good to illustrate how to “get un-stuck”; just pick one thing and get started. For Calcarea Carbonicum everything falls into place after getting started.

It is at this point that Calcarea Carbonicum people are at risk. If they handle all the tasks this time, then they just take on more. As the tasks start build up again, fear starts to come in and then they recover again. But now, they always remember this feeling of fear and worry whether or not it is going to happen again.

Calcarea Carbonicum can get into a vicious cycle. They will worry, which then becomes anxiety and later leads to more fear. Their tendency to worry feeds their determined, persistent nature and this makes them work harder, becoming over-responsible and wanting to control everything.

At this stage, they are worrying about general thing (e.g., food, money, house, weather, the state of the world, the economy, their job, their child’s health). Calcarea Carbonicum’s are the “worry-wort’s “and worry about everything as things keep piling on the to-do-list – the kids’ practice, work, meetings, trying to juggle it all.

They fear being forgetful. So, what do they do? They make lists of what they have to do. I call this a “revolving list, they cross one task off the top and add another task to the bottom of the list. We, all have been guilty of doing this.

Calcarea Carbonicum can worry about something bad happening, and then they start anticipating that something bad will happen. All of this worry, anxiety about getting things done and fear that something bad will happen leads to other homeopathic remedies (i.e., fear of bad news, fear of doom). This is where they start getting sick (i.e., sore throat, swollen glands).

How Does Calcarea Carbonicum Sleep at Nights?

They often have trouble sleeping and have insomnia. They are so exhausted they can’t fall asleep. They wake up unrefreshed in the morning. Each night they are lying in bed all nervous and uptight, wide awake worrying/thinking about all that they have to do, especially the next day. They start making a list of all the tasks they have to do the next day. Putting the tasks in order so they can get all of the tasks done. They worry more and more about keeping up.

Another sleep key note for Calcarea Carbonicum is they go to bed with socks on and later during the night they kicks off the socks. Their feet feel cold up to their ankles and can’t fall asleep.

Calcarea Carbonicum Fears

Due to the constant state of worry, anxiety, fear their health continues to be weakened. They begin to have more fears:

  • Fear of heights, they get dizzy when looking down and are out of control,
  • Fear of others driving them in cars,
  • Fear of accidents,
  • Fear that someone will notice their confusion,
  • Fear of losing their mind,
  • Fear they collapse.

They become sensitive to bad news, to news on the TV and can’t watch it or conversely, they are so drawn into the news report that they can’t turn off the TV.

How Does a Calcarea Carbonicum Handle All the Stresses in Their Life?

Calcarea Carbonicum’s are under so much stress putting more and more energy into everything. Work actually distracts them and they forget about these feeling as a result they become workaholics. They are uptight from all their worries, their muscles are tightening up in their neck, shoulders, back. They are on edge with anxiety setting in. They can only relax when they are busy working.

Example #1 – They usually work long hours, trying to juggle everything (e.g., working 2 jobs, carrying a full semester load of college credits). Then they get hit with a shock, a blow (final exams) and everything they have been doing hits them all at once. Now they start getting sick (i.e., sore throats, swollen glands). Then they start to fear getting sick again. “How am I going to be able to work 2 jobs and carry a full semester load of credits if I keep getting sick?

Example #2 – The super mom; they are never well since childbirth. The stress of being new mom, nursing the baby, taking care of the other children, along with keeping up with the house is all too much for them. They often have flu like symptoms from the exhaustion and muscle aches.

Example #3 – Middle aged woman who has been taking care of the family, running the kids to dance, football, music lesson right after work and then comes home to make dinner for everyone. After dinner she’s going off to school meetings, etc. She’s has been juggling this schedule for several years (kids in grade school and now high school). She doesn’t get to bed until late at night, and has been not been able to take care of herself (i.e. exercise, diet) and is now overweight.

Example #4 – The above can be the same picture can be for a dad trying to juggle his work traveling schedule, going to his kid’s football games, and all the yard duties. From all the stresses in life, he has developed stiff joints, arthritis.

All 4 of these examples of Calcarea Carbonicum, people started out to as healthy individuals, helping others, wanting to create order around them, not being able to say no to the boss, taking on more (i.e., classes, meeting, travelling). They are really responsible for everything going and has now become a burnt out Calcarea Carbonicum.

Calcarea Carbonicum’s have a fear of not keeping up. They’re not able to keep up with their studies, family schedules, work, they are always tired and they start to lose their energy. The first thing that goes off is their sleep, next is their energy and lastly their circulation. They start becoming more and more chilly, from putting out so much energy, that there is nothing left to provide for them. This is when they are exhibiting other remedy symptoms sore throats, swollen glands, and fever. They are now a burnt out Calcarea Carbonicum person. If they collapse deeply enough, they can go into another layer needing other homeopathic remedies (i.e., mononucleosis, Epstein Bar Virus, Chronic Fatigue).

Backaches and Arthritis

Calcarea Carbonicum people are prone to having backaches and stiffness of joints, muscles, tendons (arthritis) from all the physical work they do, especially from over lifting. The over lifting weakens their back and causing back pain and other spinal symptoms.

Example –Over the years I have recommend the remedy Calcarea Carbonicum for reoccurring backaches. I have found when the person is not feeling supporting in some way that in time weakens the back. Calcarea Carbonicum 30c will strengthen the back and supporting the back from having reoccurring back pain or weakness. 

Last Stage of Calcarea Carbonicum

Without intervention and over a period of time a Calcarea Carbonicum person gets into a depressed state and is in despair of recovery. They begin to feel that they will never get their health back again. Their fears increase, they have a fear of dying, are restless, fear of spirits and ghosts, and fear of the dark. 

Elderly people who have to leave their work and are taken out of their homes and put into old age homes often die within six months. This is because their work gave them structure and meaning to their lives.  When their structure and meaning of life is taken away, they lose their motivation. 

Calcarea Carbonicum Child

As mentioned before, forty percent of children start off at birth as Calcarea Carbonicum baby for the first 2 years of their life. These are the babies with big heads, large bellies (buddha bellies) and chunky little legs. They are chubby babies until after 2 years old, then they thin out and become other homeopathic remedies. Calcarea Carbonicum children have a tendency to be slow (slow developmentally, emotionally, and physically), because their calcium metabolism is off. They are either slow in cutting teeth, slow in learning to walk or to talk. The body can’t do both at the same time (cut teeth and learn to walk), because of a poor calcium metabolism. The babies either have a mouth full of teeth and crawling around, or walking with not a tooth in their mouth. These children also have sweaty and sour smelling head.

They are Slow in Development

They are slow learners, it not that they are unintelligent, it just takes them longer to learn something new. It takes them 2 hours to learn something and another child may take a half hour. Once they learn it, they got it forever! They are methodical thinkers and need to know and understand each step of the process when learning something new (i.e., tie shoes, mathematics), especially in school. They are slow in comprehending, slow in moving. And they know they are a little slower than everyone else, and they work harder to over compensate for this.

Example – They are the children that must be woken up earlier before getting ready for school. They need time to wake up, get out of bed and then they can get ready for school. They are slow and methodical and are always being hurried and pushed along. “Come on, come on your going to be late for school, your soccer practice” the parents are always saying.

Shy, Curious and Children

They are very shy, at first, when they meet new people or in new situations., When they feel comfortable and safe, then they will slowly start to talk, and participate.

Example – I know when I am taking a Calcarea Carbonicum child’s case. They will be shy at first, partially hiding their face behind their mother as I am asking questions. And as I am getting the selected homeopathic remedy for the child, they will come close enough to see what I am doing (curious). And then they will say to me “look at what I can do”; as they are dancing or hopping on one foot.

There is nothing wrong with a child being shy, especially now a days. A Calcarea Carbonicum child observes the person, the area, making sure they are safe and it is okay to talk to the person. Once they feel comfortable, they will talk your ear off.

They are very independent children, can play by themselves and well with others. However, they are very curious, observant children and always asking questions. They love to look all around and investigate any new areas. Calcarea Carbonicum children are very observant, watching what others are doing and learning from them. They are also very hands on, which is how they learn; trying to figure out how things work.

Example – These are the children that you have to buy a 2 of the same toys (1 for the child to take apart and see how it works and the other for the child to play with).

Example – I remember my oldest granddaughter sitting in the high chair watching every move I made in the kitchen, taking it all in. She was watching how I was using the utensils I was cooking and eating with, washing dishes and so on. She really was not talking at that age, but she would just watch how I did things. She now is a very smart and methodical 14 year old.

They Are Very Responsible Children

Calcarea Carbonicum children take responsibility very seriously. Just as the adult Calcarea Carbonicum, you can count on them.

Example – A father on his death bed tells his 10 year old son that he needs to take care of his mom and the family when he goes. Putting all this weight (responsibility) the child shoulders is a very heavy task that, that the boy will be carry out to the end. This causes stress for the young boy and he starts to feel anxious about staying on task with school and being there for his mother and siblings.

I often see Calcarea Carbonicum children become overwhelmed with school and all the responsibilities they have been given, in time this leads to anxiety and from there it goes into fear.

Example – They have anxiety about keeping up with school, because they are slow learners. It’s overwhelming for them to keep up with everyone. Then they start to have anxiety about going to school each day. Now they need an anxiety remedy to get them into school.

Their Anxiety Leads to Fear

They are afraid of the dark, the monsters that are under their bed or in the closet. They are very susceptible to what they see (i.e., horror movies, bad news on TV and violence). That later that night they have nightmares about what they saw that day that frightened them. This can in time lead to insomnia.

Example – They are in bed and wake up during the night with blood curdling screams, freaking out about the scary monster that was in their nightmare. 

Example – They are watching their favorite cartoon and the dog is getting ready to jump in the fire to save his owner. The Calcarea Carbonicum child is crying “Don’t go Lassie, don’t go into the fire”. They don’t like to see anyone or any animals get hurt.

The anxiety and being frightened from the horror movies leads to fear. They fear something bad is going to happen to their parents and the fear and worrying at night leads to insomnia. 

Prone to These Health Conditions

From the anxiety, fear, feeling overwhelmed and other stresses in their life they are prone to getting:

  • Colds,
  • Earaches,
  • Fevers (high temperatures)
  • Sore throats, Strep throat
  • Sinus symptoms
  • Swollen glands, Tonsils

Calcarea Carbonicum Children are Prone to Constipation

They have very large stools and can have a hard time passing the stool, because they have not had a bowel movement in a few days. Their stools are also changeable. Their stools go from a hard-firm stool to a mush stool to a loose consistency stool. This can happen in one bowel movement or over the course of a few days.

Eats Indigestible Things – Pica

Pica is an iron or calcium deficiency. In Calcarea Carbonicum children pica is usually from calcium deficiency. This is when children eat dirt, sand, chalk, pencils and other indigestible things.

You give them Calcarea Carbonicum 30c once day for a few days and they will stop eating dirt and other indigestible things. I have also recommended Calcarea Carbonicum 30c for dogs, especially puppies that are eating indigestible things, including feces.

Calcarea Carbonicum Food Craving

Calcarea Carbonicum can have big appetites, especially the children and crave the following foods:

  • Carbohydrates (starchy food and grains) – Pasta, bagels, pan cakes, bread
  • Dairy – Milk, cheese, ice cream
  • Eggs, especially soft boil
  • Sweet, sugar especially if hypoglycemic

Example – Calcarea Carbonicum people know they are slow starters and if they sit down to have a particular meal while they are in the middle of accomplishing something, it will take them longer to finish it. Because once they sit down, they are slow to get started again, getting the momentum going. So, they will choose a carbohydrate food that is does not take time to prepare or eat; usually is something is a package (i.e. power bar), bagel, left over mac and cheese, pizza.

These heavy foods are like sinkers for their digestion, which slows down their digestion and later causes constipation. The food just sits there, soon they will have sour burps, and sour smells about them (i.e., head, body, stool).

Other Calcarea Carbonicum Symptoms

  • Arthritis,
  • Bones (Calcium Problems) – Slow to develop, break easily, deformed curvatures, worse broken bones, osteomyelitis, abscesses, delayed dentition, rickets, growing pains
  • Cataracts
  • Circulatory problems (cold hands and feet)
  • Cramps in legs and feet
  • Epilepsy
  • Fever – High (healthy characteristic) with flush face
  • Gall Stones
  • Headache – head hot and heavy
  • Lung disease – Tuberculosis, emphysema, suffocative spells
  • Polyps, hypothyroid, pituitary problems
  • Poor Absorption – Acidity, sour belching’s, vomiting
  • Stoic and closed or extroverted
  • Tire easily – worse ascending stairs causes shortness of breaths
  • Varicose veins, bruising easily
  • Women – Fibroids, menopausal remedy, it’s good for weight gain since childbirth
  • Worms (tendency to)


  • Symptoms Worse- Getting wet, cold damp, cold air, physical exertion, full moon, hearing cruelties.
  • Symptoms Better – Fresh air, dry weather.

Administering Calcarea Carbonicum

The homeopathic remedy Calcarea Carbonicum can be given acutely for the overwhelmed feeling. For this condition, I recommend a 30c remedy potency taking a dose once a day and only when you need it.

To address chronic conditions Calcarea Carbonicum can be given chronically as a 6c potency, 3 times a day (dry pellets) or once a day in a water (Remedy Solution Bottle). Chronic conditions often become complicated due to the other symptoms. If results are not seen, I usually recommend a homeopathic consultation with a trained homeopath who will take a case developing a health history of the person over a period of time.

To Sum it Up:

Those who recognize when they need Calcarea Carbonicum whether it be for acute symptoms (i.e., overwhelmed, juggling schedules, working too hard) or constitutionally for a tendency to always overdo it, can strengthen their core (constitution) by taking the homeopathic remedy. Doing so will help steer them away from becoming anxious and “worry-wort’s” and weakening their overall immune system. Which as mentioned, in time will shift them from the Calcarea Carbonicum layer/state and move them into other health conditions (i.e. insomnia, mononucleosis, chronic fatigue, etc.) and needing to take other homeopathic remedies.

The key is to address the symptoms when they first occur. In doing so, you can strengthen the person and keep them on the healthy side of being a Calcarea Carbonicum!


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About the Author: Virangini Cindy

Virangini Cindy Rounsaville, C. Hom., is a homeopathic health consultant and educator who has been involved with homeopathy since the early 1980's. She has studied the field extensively with internationally known homeopath and author Dr. Robin Murphy, N.D., among others. She began teaching and consulting in 1983 and, along with her late father Louis Dion, C. Hom. began a homeopathic study group in Hunterdon County, NJ to help people learn and use homeopathy in their daily lives. Virangini Cindy works closely with medical doctors, chiropractors, and other homeopathic and holistic practitioners. She has incorporated Rasavidya Medical Astrology (different than regular astrology) into her practice as well. Having practiced QiGong since the 1980's, she uses medical QiGong poses alongside the medical astrology to help individuals with life issues and chakra balancing.