Cold weather is coming and so are colds, sinus infections & coughs

As we move into colder weather some of us may be prone to colds, sinus infections, coughs, etc. There are many homeopathic remedies that can help. I have listed a few below that I use on a regular basis with my clients. Echinacea Tincture is also important to strengthen your immune system-see the following page for more details on Echinacea. You can consider taking it prior to the cold season or at first onset of symptoms or just prior to a time period when you have been prone to getting sick. Taking a homeopathic remedy and Echinacea tincture at the start of or the first sign of a cold, can prevent the cold or at least help you to get a handle on your acute symptoms.

Ferrum Phosphoricum (Ferr Phos) 30 c/x

Ferrum Phosphoricum (Ferr Phos) 30 c/x, is one the remedies that will address the beginning symptoms of an acute. Ferr Phos is for when you are just starting to have symptoms. A clear runny nose, sore throat and or a slight tickling cough are the first signs of an acute starting. Or it possibly could be redness with an ear or some other area on the body. There may be no other symptoms or pain. This is a sign that inflammation is starting in the body. Ferr Phos is also used for low grade fevers. Taking 2-3 doses of Ferrum Phos will either address the symptoms or bring out a clearer remedy picture.

Aconite Napellus (Acon) 30 c/x

Aconite Napellus (Acon) 30 c/x is another remedy to consider for the beginning of a cold. Acon is used when there has been exposure to wind. The exposure could be from a windy day or from riding in a car with the window down. Usually this has occurred within the past 48 hours. Symptoms that indicate Aconite include an irritated throat, high fever and there may be a clear runny nose.  Any continuation of symptoms after 48 hours will need a different homeopathic remedy.


Echinacea is a flowering plant in the daisy family.  It is commonly called a coneflower and some of its’ varieties are used medicinally. Echinacea Purpurea is the variety found in most tinctures.  Another variety, Echinacea Angustifolia along with Echinacea Purpurea are both included in Super Echinacea.

As we are getting into cold season many of us may be prone to getting sick at this time.  It is a good idea to start taking a maintenance dose of Echinacea by adding 10 drops of the tincture to a 4-6 oz glass of water.  Sip this one time a day.  Do this same process at any time of the year when you feel you may be susceptible to getting sick-especially allergy season.

If you do become sick be sure to add enough Echinacea tincture to a glass of water until you see a slight change of color.  Sip this solution several times a day (5-6) to boost your immune system and help with the healing process. An appropriate homeopathic remedy would also be good at this time.

**We do not recommend using Echinacea tincture mixed with any other herbs-especially Golden Seal- in the same bottle.  It masks the true symptom picture.  Also be sure to use the tincture rather than the capsules which may contain more fillers and less of the real herb.


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About the Author: Virangini Cindy

Virangini Cindy Rounsaville, C. Hom., is a homeopathic health consultant and educator who has been involved with homeopathy since the early 1980's. She has studied the field extensively with internationally known homeopath and author Dr. Robin Murphy, N.D., among others. She began teaching and consulting in 1983 and, along with her late father Louis Dion, C. Hom. began a homeopathic study group in Hunterdon County, NJ to help people learn and use homeopathy in their daily lives. Virangini Cindy works closely with medical doctors, chiropractors, and other homeopathic and holistic practitioners. She has incorporated Rasavidya Medical Astrology (different than regular astrology) into her practice as well. Having practiced QiGong since the 1980's, she uses medical QiGong poses alongside the medical astrology to help individuals with life issues and chakra balancing.