My client called me about her sciatica pain in her right hip. She stated that she hasn’t had sciatica symptoms in over a year. My client went on to tell me she has a sharp pain in her right hip area that is now is starting to travel down to her knee. The pain is worse with pressure sitting and movement. She stated in order for her to take off her right shoe, she has to stand up and cross her right leg over her left leg and grab her heel to take off the shoe. The sciatica feels better when she is either flexing her leg or lying down.

I selected the homeopathic remedy Colocynthis 200c for her to take in a Remedy Solution Bottle (RSB) with 10 succussions. I had her repeat Colocynthis when her sciatica pain becomes more intense, approximately 1-3 times a day. Five days later my client called back stating the Colocynthis helped her sciatica the first couple of days, then the sciatica symptoms became worse. “Now I can’t tell if Colocynthis is helping me or not. My sciatica pains are moving around, sometimes the pain travels down to my knee and sometimes the pain stays in my right hip and buttocks area. Then there are times when the pain is worse in the morning or occurs only in the evening.” I explained to my client the homeopathic remedy Pulsatilla has changeable symptoms that are hard to read as she described. There is no pattern as to when the symptoms will show up or where the pain will be next.

I went on to ask her some mental and emotional symptoms of the remedy Pulsatilla. Have you been feeling sad, abandoned or lonely these last couple of weeks? “Yes, she said about a month ago, my daughter just moved to California for a new job and I miss her dearly” she tells me as she is getting emotional. “I am okay until after we hang up, then I become very emotional and cry.”

I had my client take 1 dose of Pulsatilla 200c as dry pellets. I explained to her as Pulsatilla is addressing her sciatica pain, the symptoms will either continue to move around to all the spots it has been and the pain intensity will be less, or her sciatica pain will move around to less spots with the same intensity. I told her to repeat Pulsatilla 200c as dry pellets when the sciatica symptoms become more intense again, approximately every 3-4 days. In the meantime, she will continue taking Colocynthis 200c 2 times a day with 10 succussions.

Four days later my client calls back stating her sciatica pain is much better, and the symptoms are not moving around as much. Now my pain is mostly in my right hip area, where it originally started. She is especially feeling better about her daughter moving to California. She’s only getting emotional once in a while after their phone calls. I told her to continue taking Colocynthis with 10 succussions 2 times a day until her sciatica pain. If at any point her sciatica pain becomes more intense again, she should increase the succussions on the Colocynthis to 12 succussions and continue taking it 2 times a day.

Why Did Pulsatilla Help Her Sciatica Pain?

All acute symptoms including sciatica can be triggered by stress. I often see a client needing a mental emotional remedy to address their physical symptoms along with addressing the emotional stress they are experiencing. In this case, Colocynthis was not able to completely address my client’s sciatica symptoms, because she was feeling sad, abandoned and lonely for her daughter.

Why Did I Have My Client Take Pulsatilla as Dry Pellets Instead of in a Remedy Solution Bottle?

When you only need to take a couple of doses of a homeopathic remedy, there is no need to go through all the trouble to make up a Remedy Solution Bottle. When you need Pulsatilla for changeable symptoms or for emotional feelings (i.e., sad or crying), you will only need to take 3-4 doses and that will be it. Pulsatilla will address what it needs to do. The reason I have my client take Colocynthis in a Remedy Solution Bottle is because she needed to take the remedy 2-3 times a day for several days in a row.


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