Low sex drive can come from decreased levels of hormones, such as estrogen and testosterone. However, I have seen while taking male and female clients’ health case histories where they had low sexual desire which was not always related to decreasing hormonal levels. I am not saying they don’t have low hormonal levels, but I see that they have mental and emotional stress going on in their life. They have anxiety, low-spiritedness, depression, relationship problems, and work problems. They are overworked, exhausted, or stressed out in some other way, and sex is the last thing on their minds.

Does This Sound Like You?

My client calls asking for help with her low sex drive, which she has been experiencing since the birth of her 4th child a year ago. She told me how much she loves her little girl, but having a 4th child and taking care of her family of 5 are wearing her down, and she has no interest in being intimate with her husband by the end of the day. She has 3 other children ages 8, 5, and 3. They are very active in activities outside the house, especially her 8-year-old, who is into soccer and baseball. She said, “I am either making meals, cleaning the house, or driving the kids to events in the car. I am overwhelmed and tired of juggling everything for the past year. Everything always falls on my shoulders when anything needs to get done for my family and around the house. I am the one calling the plumber or any other repair guy. I know my husband puts in long hours at work and is tired when he comes home. I haven’t had any time for myself, whether that be exercising, meeting a friend, or just reading a book.” She went on to tell me, “I don’t know if I have a hormonal problem or if I am just tired of tending to my family’s needs and rarely doing anything for me. I am so worn down. I just don’t have any interest in sex since the birth of my 4th child.”

After asking a few questions the Homeopathic Remedy I recommended was Calcarea Carbonica 6c to be taken daily for my client feeling physically, mentally and emotionally worn out from taking care of her family and household duties. She is always juggling tasks during the day, taking care of others needs and putting aside her own. Other confirmatory characteristics for choosing Calcarea Carbonica are:

  • Has a craving for pasta, bread, cheese, and ice cream
  • Often feels like she doesn’t have any time to sit down and eat lunch
  • Often eats left overs (pizza, macaroni and cheese, etc.) for dinner
  • Feels the time crunch with all they need to do that day
  • Often eat quick and easy foods (in a wrapper, fiber bars, etc.)


Because she is so stressed and feeling overwhelmed with juggling her day, she feels tired and worn out, and this has caused her to have low sex drive. My client reports back a week later, saying that she feels better emotionally and physically the last few days since taking the Calcarea Carbonica every night at bedtime. She is finding that she is not as overwhelmed as she had been with managing the family’s needs. She said, “I don’t know how to explain it, I am now able to step back and see what needs to be done first, rather than spending a good portion of the morning trying to figure out where to even start with the daily chores. Yes, there are still some days that I can’t get everything done that I wanted to, especially when I am driving the kids to events. On the days that I am not able to get everything done, I am not stressing out about it because I know I am getting much more accomplished than I was a week ago. I am feeling calmer.”  She also told me she started doubling some of the recipes and freezing them when she can for another meal at dinner time. I advised my client to continue taking Calcarea Carbonica daily until she feels she can take care of her family and find time for herself and her husband.

Sepia for Low Sex Drive Post Partum

Now if my client had told me she was depressed (post-partum) after having her 4th child or any other hormonal symptoms, I would have selected the Homeopathic Hormonal Remedy Sepia in a 6c potency to be taken daily. Confirmatory characteristics for selecting Sepia are:

  • Feeling worn down ever since the last pregnancy
  • Stress from taking care of her family of 5
  • Not having any interest in being intimate with her husband (low libido)
  • Very moody
  • It doesn’t take much to go from happy to feeling angry
  • Problems with any of the other pregnancies and deliveries (i.e., long labors, problems with her left leg/hip), especially after the 4th child


Common Reasons for Having a Low Sex Drive (Low Libido):

  • Relationship problems
  • Stress, anxiety and exhaustion (from family or work)
  • Hysterectomy
  • Depression
  • Drugs (recreational) and alcohol
  • Health Conditions (i.e., heart disease, diabetes, obesity)
  • Medications (i.e., for depression, blood pressure, seizures)
  • Getting older and losing interest in sex (i.e., decrease sex hormones, health conditions)


Depression Causing Low Sex Drive

My client reaches out to me about how she and her husband are having relationship problems. She stated that they have been having relationship problems for the last 2 years. She’s not happy with how the house looks. She thinks it needs to be painted, and the bathroom and kitchen need to be updated. She said, “I would really love to move in 5 years, when the kids will all be in college or out on their own. I know in order to get a good price for the house, we need to renovate. I want to start working on the house little by little, so that at least we will be able to enjoy the new bathroom and kitchen before we sell the house.” She said her husband doesn’t want to renovate the house because everything in the house still works well, and he really does not want to move when the kids go off to college. She said,” I am so frustrated with my husband. We have lived in this house for 25 years. The mortgage is paid off and it’s not like we can’t afford to slowly renovate the house. My husband knows how to do carpentry work and tile work and I know how to paint. I don’t have a problem taking a room at time and painting it. It’s the bathroom and kitchen I will not be able to do, and we also need a new roof. Every time I talk to my husband about the house, he just clams up, which makes me so frustrated. I start yelling and go on and on about how he never wants to make any house improvements.” Lately, she has been pulling away from him (withdrawing) and only talks to him when she really needs to. At this point, she feels that she is not even interested in being intimate with him.

After asking my client some questions, I recommended the Homeopathic Remedy Natrum Muriaticum 6c. What led me to selecting Natrum Muriaticum was her feeling frustrated and withdrawing from her husband, including sexually. When Natrum Muriaticum gets angry they will bring up past events, and go on and on; they just can’t let go (dwells on the past). My client also stated she feels out of control because she can’t control the situation of her husband not wanting to do anything to the house. She also shared with me that she has been craving chips, pretzels, olives and other salty foods, which is a strong key symptom for recommending Natrum Muriaticum.

A week after my client had been taking the Natrum Muriaticum, she has been sleeping good and is feeling a little better emotionally, even though the situation has not changed with her husband and the house. I advised my client to continue taking Natrum Muriaticum for another month or so.

Two months later, my client called stating she is now talking to her husband and not feeling as frustrated in the relationship. She said, “I realize I have to change my mind set, because I can’t change my husband. I have decided to do what I can do to the house to spruce it up. I started picking out paint colors for various rooms in the house and I am going to paint and redecorate the walls and curtains to help change the feeling in the house.” She stated, “When we do decide to sell the house, we will have to hire someone come in and do the bathrooms, kitchen, or anything else my husband does not want to do.” My client said that her husband is aware that in order to sell the house for a good price they will have to do some renovations. She went on to say “I would love to be able to enjoy the house with the new renovations before we sell it. She also stated, “Being intimate with my husband is slowly coming back. It’s not all there yet, but at least I want to be around him and I ‘m having fun with him and the family.”

Homeopathic Remedies for Low Sex Drive

A Homeopathic Remedy for low sex drive is selected according the mental and emotional state and hormonal symptoms (if you have any) and the reason why you have the low sex drive.

Agnus Castus – Is selected for males whose sexual desire has decreased from feeling depressed, or they have over exerted themselves sexually (having a promiscuous period). They can also have decreased sexual desire from feeling depressed about not having a lover and feeling gloom and sadness. The genitals can be cold, relaxed, and they may not be able to have an erection.

Calcarea Carbonica – Low sex drive because of lack of energy (tired) from being overworked, overwhelmed, and juggling family’s needs. They crave pasta, bread, cheese, and ice cream. They love to eat macaroni and cheese, pizza, bagels, pancakes, etc. (comfort foods).

Causticum – Females have an aversion to sex from being mentally fatigued and confused. They are angry and can’t stand any injustice. They may feel hopeless and are always looking on the dark side. They are grieving from being betrayed and can hold grudges for a long time. They can have an obsessive motivation for causes, especially relating to politics.

Conium – They have ill-effects of suppressed sexual desire causing them to have a low sex drive. They are depressed, especially from a loss of personal property or a loved one. They are tired of life, discouraged, and have a broken-down feeling.

Graphites – Is selected for females who have a great aversion to sex from feeling mentally sluggish and having a poor memory. Their ailments can come from grief or fright. They have problems with thinking from a weakness in the brain, along with feeling weakness and exhaustion of the whole body. They are obstinate and moody with periodic depression and sadness. They feel better in open air and their fears are better from weeping.

Lycopodium – A loss of sexual desire, after having gonorrhea or inflammation of the bladder (cystitis). They have poor confidence and low self-esteem, especially in new situations and in making a commitment and being responsible. They also have a fear of success and failure. They usually fear public speaking (stage fright). They are prone to having gas and bloating, especially in the lower abdomen causing a decrease in appetite.

Natrum Muriaticum – The male or female has a low sex drive ever since grief or depression after the loss of a loved one (i.e., death, divorce, broken relationship/broken heart). They are emotionally shut down and closed off since the grief and commonly withdraw from family and friends. They prefer to be alone, unless they choose to be with others. They dwell on the past, and are known to control their emotions, especially in public, including not crying. They commonly get cold sores, canker sores, fever blisters or genital herpes. They either crave salt or food tastes too salty to them.

Phosphoric Acidum – They are physically and mentally burnt out usually from grief, the effects of disappointment in love or have a depressed feeling, which causes them to have a low sex drive. They have a hard time focusing on what they are reading and when working on tasks. They crave ice cold and/or bubbly drinks (i.e., soda or seltzer). They also feel numb emotionally from feeling burnt out, and when they drink the ice cold and bubbly drinks, they are able to feel the drink going down their throat which allows them to feel something in their body.

Sepia – This Homeopathic Remedy is usually a female remedy and their low sex drive comes from:

  • A hormonal imbalance (possibly since puberty)
  • Feeling worn out
  • Using the birth control pill, along with hormonal creams, and patches
  • After a hysterectomy or menopause

The low sex drive commonly happens:

  • After child birth
  • When weaning a child from nursing
  • Stressed out from taking care of the family
  • When she is working out side of the house by choice, a career or necessity
  • When she has mood swings that go from happy to angry
  • When she does not want to be affectionate (touched or held)

There are many Homeopathic Remedies for Low Sex Drive (Low Libido). The Homeopathic Remedies I shared with you would be best taken daily in a 6c potency to help shift you from the state you are in to a more uplifted spirit, and in time increase your libido. If you don’t know which Homeopathic Remedy you need to address who you are that has the low sex drive, schedule a 20-minute Discovery Call with me. During the 20-minute Discovery Call, you will share with me your health concern(s), and I will explain my approach using Homeopathy to help you.

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