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My client’s husband called about his scrotum being very painful and swollen. The doctor said he has a Varicocele (swollen vein in the scrotum). My client’s husband went on to say that he noticed he was feeling soreness in his testicles, especially left – sided for the past 2 weeks in the evening. He stated that he is a carpenter and on his feet all day, and by the end of the day he notices that there is pain in his testicles. I asked him if he did any heavy lifting that could have caused him to have the symptoms, and he said that 2-3 weeks ago he and a few other guys were putting up a very heavy beam in a barn. He said that he had the heavier end of the beam and that could have possibly started it all. He went on to tell me that he does not feel any pain when he gets up in the morning, but by the end of the day he has pain.

After gathering more information about his varicocele, I selected the Homeopathic Remedy Ruta Graveolens, for developing a varicocele from over lifting the beam and because the pain is worse at the end of the day. He took Ruta Graveolens 200c in a Remedy Solution Bottle (RSB) with 10 succussions every night at bedtime.

A few days later, he called stating that his testicular symptoms have decreased at least 30%. I advised him to continue taking the Ruta with 10 succussions at bedtime until he no longer has symptoms. If at any point he doesn’t notice any more improvement, he would then start succussing (tapping) the Ruta Remedy Solution Bottle 12 times before taking it each night.

A week later, my client calls stating that he no longer has pain or swelling in the testicles. He said, “I really noticed great improvement within 24 hours after I started succussing the Ruta 12 times, and the pain and swelling decreased another 50%.”

What is a Varicocele?

A Varicocele is a common disorder in males where the veins in the scrotum (the sac that contains the testes, epididymis, and the lower part of the spermatic cord) are swollen. The valves in the veins within the scrotum regulate the blood flow to and from the testicles. When the valves become defective, the blood does not circulate evenly, and the blood backs up into the veins , causing them to dilate (enlarge) and a Varicocele develops. Varicoceles are similar to having varicose veins. Varicoceles may cause mild discomfort, aches or pain, usually left-sided, and rarely can occur on both sides (bilaterally). A large varicocele is often described as feeling or looking like a bag of worms or spaghetti in the scrotum. Most often varicoceles are small in size and too small to see or feel.

Varicoceles are very common and not dangerous. Varicoceles form during puberty. Ten to 15 out of every 100 boys will have a varicocele that grows larger later on in life, especially after a trauma to the testicles (scrotum) or from straining to lift objects.

Varicocele Symptoms

  • Swollen testicle(s) or scrotum, especially left-sided
  • One testicle is different size from the other
  • Small lump above the affected testicle
  • Pain in the scrotum (dull to sharp) which is better lying down or when first waking up in the morning
  • Symptoms are worse after certain activities, such as sitting or standing for long periods of time, and bike riding
  • May cause infertility, however not all varicoceles cause infertility


Common Homeopathic Remedies for Varicocele:

A 30c or 200c Homeopathic Remedy is selected according to the symptoms you are exhibiting, along with what makes your symptoms feel better or worse

Arnica Montana – Varicocele developed from trauma (injury) to the scrotum and testicles, or has reoccurring varicocele ever since an injury to the testicles (i.e., getting kicked or hit in testicles).

Collinsonia Canadensis – Varicocele with rectal symptoms such as persistent constipation causing protruding hemorrhoids.

Hamamelis Virginiana – Varicocele with enlarged testicle, which may be hot, painful and the pain worsens with touch. The pain runs down the spermatic cord to the testes. Hamamelis is commonly selected for veins that have become swollen and engorged. Hamamelis is often selected for a varicocele with severe inflammation of the testicles and swollen spermatic cord vein(s).

Nux Vomica – Varicocele with drawing pain in the testicles and spermatic cord. The varicocele causes constricting pain in the penis. May have premature ejaculation.

Lachesis – Scrotum is swollen to an enormous size and may have a bluish, purple appearance. The scrotum feels better with a warm application and is worse after sleep and with pressure from clothing.

Pulsatilla – Severe inflammation of the testicles (scrotum) with a burning sensation down the left spermatic cord. Thepain can radiate from the abdomen to the testicles. The testicles are very sore when hanging down low. Venous congestion of the penis when there are varicocele symptoms. Varicocele can develop from mumps that has metastasized to the testes.

Rhus Toxicodendron – Scrotum swollen with fluid (edematous). The scrotum tissue can be thick and hard with intolerable itching that is better with application of heat. Reoccurrence of swelling of the scrotum and penis after having a fever. In some cases, varicocele can develop from over lifting or from mumps that has metastasized to the testes.

Ruta Graveolens – Varicocele developed from straining such as lifting heavy objects (i.e., furniture).

As the selected Homeopathic Remedy is improving your varicocele symptoms (i.e., pain, swelling), the remedy is also addressing why you have developed a varicocele, too, and will lessen the chance of having reoccurring varicocele symptoms.


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