Clematis Helps Orchitis – A Case History

My client called, asking if Homeopathy can help with orchitis. She went on to tell me that her husband was recently diagnosed with orchitis and that the doctor told him to take a pain reliever and apply ice until the symptoms subside. The doctor also stated that relief could take a couple of weeks. I explained to her that there are homeopathic remedies for orchitis and that I have had clients experience relief from symptoms such as swelling and pain within 1-2 hours of taking the remedies.

After asking her husband a few questions, I selected the homeopathic remedy Clematis Erecta 30c. Clematis is used for the following symptoms: testicles that are hard and bruised and feel heavy when standing. I had him take the Clematis in a Remedy Solution Bottle (RSB) with 10 succussions every hour until the testicular symptoms started to decrease, whether it be from less pain to the touch or feeling less heavy when standing. I instructed my client’s husband to back off from taking Clematis when his symptoms start to improve, then to repeat the Clematis every 2-3 hours when the intensity of the symptoms increases again.

My client reported back 3 days later, telling me that her husband was amazed at how quickly the Clematis started to decrease his pain after taking just 2 hourly doses. His orchitis symptom are now 50% better, but he doesn’t seem to be making any more progress in the last 24 hours taking the Clematis every 3 hours. I had her husband start succussing the Clematis 12 times and taking the remedy every 4 hours to continue the healing process. I also told her that if his symptoms come to a standstill again, she should tell him to start succussing the Clematis RSB  14 times and to take it 3 times a day (every 5-6 hours). My client called back a couple of days later telling me that her husband’s symptoms are completely gone, taking 14 succussions of the Clematis 3 times a day.

What is Orchitis?

Orchitis is when a male has inflammation of 1 or both testicles with swelling and pain. This is usually associated with the mumps or with an infection of the prostate (prostatitis) or the epididymis (epididymitis). It can also come from a bacterial infection associated with tuberculosis, syphilis, gonorrhea or chlamydia.

Orchitis Symptoms

  • Swelling in 1 or both testicles (scrotum)
  • Tenderness in the scrotum
  • Pain in testicle area ranging from mild to severe
  • Sensation of heaviness in the affected area
  • Fever
  • Swollen lymph nodes in the groin
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Painful urination
  • Painful ejaculation
  • Blood in the semen
  • Abnormal discharge from penis
  • Enlarged prostate

Causes of Orchitis

A virus or bacteria can cause orchitis. The most common cause of viral orchitis is the mumps. Men who have gotten the mumps as a teenager may also develop orchitis later in life.

Bacterial infection can also lead to orchitis in males, such as urinary tract infections (UTI’s) or sexuality transmitted infections (STIs or STDs) such as gonorrhea or chlamydia, and from epididymitis (inflammation of the epididymis).

Teenager With Left Testicle Swollen (Orchitis)

My client called to tell me about her 14-year-old son’s left testicle being swollen and painful. The doctor diagnosed him having orchitis. She went on to tell me he feels a drawing up sensation up his thighs and into the abdominal area, as if the testicle is drawn up close to his body. The pain is worse from sitting and from applying cold to the genital area. My client went on to say that the testicular pain feels better with movement and sometimes the pain is so intense it takes his breath away.

I selected the homeopathic remedy Rhododendron 30c, to be taken every hour until the left testicle symptoms start to decrease, which should be after taking 2-3 doses. When he starts to feel improvement, he should back off from taking the Rhododendron, and repeat it every 2-3 hours when the improved symptoms start to intensify again.

Later in the week, my client reported back to me, stating that her son is feeling much better. He now only has a very slight pain in the left testicle. I suggested to continue taking Rhododendron with 10 succussions every 4 hours today and if the slight pain in the testicle does not improve by tomorrow night to increase the succussions to 12 and take it every 5-6 hours (3 times a day).

Homeopathic Remedies for Orchitis

You will use a 30c or 200c homeopathic remedy acutely for your orchitis symptoms. The remedy is selected according to the symptoms you are experiencing, along with what makes the symptoms feel better or worse.

Aconite – Testicles are hard, swollen and have a bruised pain. Testicle infection feels worse from applying cold.

Baptisia Tinctoria – There is a dull pain in the right groin and in the testicle. The testes have a pressing pain as if they are being squeezed.

Clematis Erecta Testicles are swollen and hang heavy or they are pulled up against the body (retracted). Testes are indurated (hard) with a bruised feeling that is worse from touch and the warmth of the bed, especially if the orchitis developed from gonorrhea suppressed by medications.

Mercurius Vivus or Solubilis – For epididymitis after mumps in male children or adults. The testes are swollen and hard with a shiny red scrotum. A dragging pain is felt in the testes and spermatic cord. May have a sensation of coldness in the testicles.

Pulsatilla – When orchitis is developed from sitting on cold stones (ground) or from suppressed gonorrhea. The pain goes from the abdomen to testicles. The symptoms are worse from cold exposure.

Rhododendron– Left testicle is swollen, painful and is drawn up. Drawing pain goes from the spermatic cord into the abdomen and down the thighs. Testes, especially the epididymis are intensely painful to touch. The symptoms are worse from sitting, cold, touching, and especially swelling at night. The symptoms are better with movement and when applying a warm compress to the genital area. The pain can be so intense that it may halt breathing.

Rhus Toxicodendron – Mumps that has metastasized to the testes, developing into orchitis.

Spongia Tosta – Epididymitis extending from the right to the left, testes are hard and swollen. Swelling of spermatic cord and testicles with pain and tenderness. Orchitis develops from suppressed gonorrhea or from mumps that metastasized to the testes. You can have a pressing squeezing or sharp pain in the testicles that is better when lying down and is worse from motion and walking.

Why is Homeopathy the Better Choice?

Medically, there’s no cure for viral orchitis. You will have to wait for the condition will go away on its own. The doctor will have you take pain relievers, apply ice packs, and elevate the testicles until the symptoms improve; which can take several weeks for a full recovery.

A homeopathic remedy on the other hand, is selected according to your symptoms, such as the kind of pain you are experiencing. However, the homeopathic remedy will not just take the pain away, the remedy will address why you have developed orchitis.


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