Have You Been Experiencing This?

Since the pandemic I have been seeing more cases of women having all kinds of menstrual period issues, since getting vaccinated, and or the booster shots a couple of months later. These are women and young girls who have not been having any problems with their periods.

A mother came to me for help with her 14-year-old daughter’s (AJ) period issue. As the mother explained, AJ didn’t have her period for two months. When AJ’s period finally started, she had heavy bright red gushing blood with large clots. AJ had to change her pads every two hours; that’s how heavy her bleeding was for the last three weeks prior to the mother consulting with me. The mother thought AJ wasn’t having a period because she is very active in sports. Since the summer, she has been playing competitive soccer and joined the high school swim team in September. AJ always played sports, but this past summer her soccer practices were very long, along with playing the games. I asked AJ how her has her period been this past year. AJ said she started having a period 18 month ago. Her first couple of periods occurred 30-35 days apart, and the bleeding was not heavy. This past year prior to her not having a period for two months, was regular (28–29-day cycle) and a normal healthy flow.

The first plan of action was to slow down the bleeding and stop the clots. I put AJ on the homeopathic remedy Phosphorus 200c to take a few times a day when her bleeding was gushing when she stood up. She also took the homeopathic remedy Sabina 30c when she passed clots with the gushing blood.

While taking AJ’s case history, she told me she had noticed her fingernails were whitish with no pink color, a sign of anemia. AJ also confirmed other signs for anemia which were feeling very tired and getting out of breath, especially walking upstairs. She told me she would come home from school and sleep before going to her three-hour swim practice. Since her fingers nails were whitish and she was very tired, I had AJ take four tablets of Hyland’s Cell Salt Ferr Phos 6x three times a day. Ferr Phos is a natural form of iron and will help increase her iron count. In addition to the other homeopathic remedies, I had AJ take the homeopathic remedy China Officinalis 30c once a day to help her retain the increased iron levels she was getting from Ferr Phos and from the other homeopathic remedies.

Five days later, AJ reported that she is now changing her pads every 4 hours and only needs to take a dose of Phosphorus every few days for the gushing blood. For the last three days, hasn’t needed to take Sabina for the clots. Now that her bleeding is improving, my next plan of action was to stop the bleeding, which now at this point, has been four weeks, a long time to be losing blood. AJ started the homeopathic remedy Sepia 6c to take once a day to address her hormonal imbalance.

A week later, AJ told me she still has her period but only needs one pad for the day. Her bleeding is now a dark red to sometimes a brownish color, a sign the period is almost coming to an end. My next move was to stop her bleeding; I had AJ take Phosphorus 200c every night. Bleeding beyond your normal number of days for a period is called Protracted Bleeding, and Phosphorus is one of the great remedies to address this. I also had AJ continue Ferr Phos daily to continue increasing her iron levels.

When I was initially getting AJ’s case history, I asked what was going on in AJ’s life between September and October before this bleeding started. Her mom shared that AJ started ninth grade in September, nothing unusual with starting school or with her studies. AJ joined the school swim team for the first time. After further investigating, I found out AJ got vaccinated in September, too. AJ’s mother was quite surprised to hear that I am seeing more clients cases with period issues after the vaccine and the boosters. I think it is possible that AJ’s bleeding is coming from the etiology “Never Well Since” being vaccinated causing her to have period problems. The vaccine is the only thing that is different in AJ’s life since the summer. AJ went from a healthy period to now bleeding for almost seven weeks. At this point, whether her bleeding is from the vaccine or not, I have to get AJ’s hormones balanced out and Sepia is one of the many homeopathic remedies to address hormonal imbalance. Ten days later, AJ’s period finally stopped. AJ stopped taking China Officinalis and continued taking Ferr Phos 6x tablets and Sepia daily.

AJ’s next period was 29 days later from her period stopping and only lasted six days. Her bleeding was good for the most part; only the second day was a little heavy. She didn’t need to take any Phosphorus or Sabina for clots. I told AJ if her next period is good, she will stop taking Sepia. When her fingernails are a pinkish red, she will be stopping Ferr Phos too.

What I have Been Seeing in Women’s Periods Since Vaccines and Shedding

Between the stress of the pandemic the vaccines and the boosters, I have seen quite a few women, including young girls having problems with their periods. Their symptoms range from periods coming on too early or late or lasting several weeks. The bleeding has been heavy, and some are experiencing many clots, just as you read in AJ’s case. The only connection between these women is they got the vaccine or booster a couple of months prior, or they have been around someone for a period of time that just got the vaccine or booster (shedding). These women, including the young girls, have had regular periods before the new period problems. Below is a case where my client’s doctor (gynecologist) told her everything looked good during her last appointment, a month before she started having the ongoing bleeding.

Period Issues from Shedding: My client called me up telling me she started spotting three weeks ago and recently started passing lots of clots. The spotting has shifted to having bright red bleeding that feels more like a period, and she feels much better now that she is bleeding. Before her spotting started, she was having pain in her lower abdominal area, especially by her left ovary, and her breasts were tender, typical PMS symptoms for her. Since spotting went into a bleed (period), all of her PMS symptoms went away.

After gathering my client’s case history, I put her on the homeopathic remedy Lachesis 6c for her breast tenderness, abdominal and left ovary symptoms that feel better with bleeding. After being on Lachesis for a week, her bleeding had slowed back down to spotting again.  A week later, my client called me to say she is still spotting, and it looks like her bleeding will not be ending soon because her spotting is bright red. She has been bleeding for over 30 days now. My client took Phosphorus 200c every night to stop the bleeding (protracted period).

My client called to tell me a week later her spotting is now brownish color. Since she is still bleeding, I had her make the Phosphorus 200c stronger dose by making up a Homeopathic Remedy Solution Bottle and taking it with ten succussions every day. I started asking my client questions to see what triggered her bleeding. I asked her if anything changed in her life between February and October when she started spotting. She said the stress of the pandemic and not knowing when it is going to end can be overwhelming sometimes. Considering we are still in the pandemic, she said really enjoyed the spring and summer, because she was able to go outside and enjoy the sun. In August, she spent time with a cousin. It wasn’t until she got to her cousin’s house that she found out that her cousin had just gotten the Covid Vaccine. In September, she had her yearly gynecological checkup. Everything was good with her pap smear, internal exam and yearly bloodwork. She said, “I am thinking that since my female checkup was good the month before my bleeding. My bleeding problem might be from spending a week with my cousin after she had just gotten the vaccine.” I told her, yes, her bleeding could be coming from shedding. I said, let’s see how you do after the adjustment we just made on Phosphorus in the next few days. If we do not see any improvement with Phosphorus, we will try a couple of other hormonal homeopathic remedies. If the bleeding does not improve, we will go to Plan B – negating the symptoms from shedding. If your bleeding improves from negating the shedding symptoms, it will confirm your bleeding is from shedding.

My client called me back four days later, stating her bleeding (spotting) was less often but was still there. I had her try a couple of other homeopathic hormonal remedies to stop the spotting with no results. We moved to Plan B to negate the shedding symptoms. The only way to negate the shedding symptoms her body was producing was to make a homeopathic remedy from my client’s saliva. If she had gotten the vaccine as AJ did in the above case scenario, I would have been able to negate the vaccine’s side effects with homeopathic remedies. But since my client’s symptoms are coming from her, I had her make up a homeopathic remedy from my her saliva. Making a homeopathic remedy from my client’s saliva, called an Auto Nosode Remedy, is the closest we can get to her body’s chemistry.

After my client made up a homeopathic remedy from her saliva (see instructions below) called Client’s Name Saliva 6x, I had her take her remedy once a day in a Remedy Solution Bottle with ten succussions (10 taps). While taking her Saliva 6x remedy, I had her stop taking Lachesis and Phosphorus. After my client took her Client’s Name Saliva 6x remedy for a couple of days, she reported that her spotting is much less and a light brown color. She continued taking her Client’s Name Saliva 6x remedy for a week to ten days longer before her bleeding finally stopped. After her bleeding had stopped, we waited a few days, not taking any homeopathic remedies to see if her bleeding would start again. Since her bleeding did not start up, I put my client back on Lachesis 6c with ten succussions to take every night for the next couple of weeks.

Why Make a Homeopathic Remedy from Saliva?

A homeopathic remedy from saliva contains electrolytes, mucus, white blood cells, epithelial cells, DNA, amongst other cellular particles; the closes we can get to my client’s body’s chemistry. An Auto-Nosode Remedy also can be made from mucus, pus, etc., is taken to stimulate the immune system to jump start the healing process. In this case, we used my client’s saliva to help neutralize her symptoms from shedding. After my client’s saliva remedy addressed her bleeding, I had to put her back on Lachesis because we have to go back to the last homeopathic remedy that was working to pick up and continue the healing process of addressing her hormonal imbalance. Auto-Nosode Remedies only shift the symptoms being exhibited, and then you need to fall back on a homeopathic remedy to finish the healing process. My client’s hormones were back on track by the third menstrual period, and she had healthy normal periods.

The Bottom Line

Whether menstrual period issues are from a vaccine, shedding, or any other reason causing a hormonal imbalance, a homeopathic remedy will be selected according to the symptoms being exhibited and the etiology (Never Well Since) that has caused period problems.

Instructions on How to Make a 6x Homeopathic Remedy from Your Saliva


  • Alcohol (Vodka (80 proof or higher or Everclear)
  • Pipette or 1/8 tsp
  • 5 disposable cups
  • 1 small vial or jar
  • 4-ounce Amber Bottle or jar that will hold 4 ounces of water
  • 4 ounces of Distilled or Springwater
  • Label (i.e., masking tape) and pen


  1. Using the pipette add 10 drops of alcohol to each of the 5 disposable cups and vial (or jar).
    1. When using 1/8 tsp (12 drops), add 1/8 tsp to the 5 disposable cups and vial (or jar).
  2. Spit a drop of saliva into disposable cup #1.
  3. Gently tap (succuss) disposable cup #1 100 times on the table
    1. You now have a 1x Your name saliva remedy
  4. Next add one drop of the 1x solution in disposable cup #1 into disposable cup #2 with alcohol.
    1. Gently tap (succuss) disposable cup #2 100 times on the table
    2. You now have a 2x Your name saliva remedy
  5. Continue adding one drop from the prior disposable cup that has been succussed 100 times into the next disposable cup, until you have used all of the disposable cups, including the jar.
  6. After you have made the jar into Your name saliva 6x remedy, you will next make a Remedy Solution

Bottle (RSB) for you to take your Name Saliva 6x remedy from.

  1. Pour 4 ounces of distilled or spring water into a 4-ounce amber bottle or jar
  2. Add 3 tsp of Vodka or Everclear to amber bottle – as a preservative.
    1. When you do not want to add alcohol to 4 ounces of water, you will refrigerate Remedy Solution Bottle.
  3. Add 1 – 3 drops of your 6x Name Salvia remedy from vial or jar to 4 ounces of water in an amber bottle and alcohol is added.
    1. Place a label your 4-ounce amber bottle and write on Your Name Saliva 6x and date made up your Remedy Solution Bottle for dispensing.
    2. You will administer your dose from this amber bottle (Remedy Solution Bottle) with ten succussions (10 taps).

Remember, you still need to go back to the last homeopathic remedy your were taking prior to taking Your Name Saliva 6x remedy that started to address your hormonal imbalance symptoms.


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