Using Homeopathy for Your Vaginal Discharge Issues

Do you experience a white, yellow or green vaginal discharge? Have you ever gotten a yeast infection (Candida) after taking antibiotics? Do you have a red, burning vaginal area that is itchy and sometimes swollen? You may also have a sour smell from a creamy yellow discharge. Having a constant or reoccurring vaginal discharge is […]

Breast Health and Homeopathy

Sometimes you may need a homeopathic breast pain remedy when you are experiencing a pain in the breast out of the blue or in conjunction with a breast remedy for an injury, tumor, or nipple pain. Breast Pain Case scenario #1: A client recently reached out to me about her breast hurting after playing a […]

Addressing Ovarian Pain with Homeopathy

Have you ever felt a squeezing pain in your ovaries during your period or with PCOS? Sometimes my clients describe their ovarian pain as constricting or a “band” around their ovaries. They say their ovarian pain is so intense it makes them scream in pain. The homeopathic remedy Cactus Grandiflorus 30c is selected for squeezing, […]

Homeopathic Remedies for That Time of the Month

Whether you call it a “Visit from Aunt Flo, Lady Business, Girl Flu, Moon Time, or Mother Nature’s Gift,” every female has experienced symptoms with their menstrual period at some point. Typical period symptoms you may have had range from delayed, early, heavy bleeding, painful periods, or bleeding lasting for days. The good news is, […]

Homeopathy for Endometriosis and Fibroids

Do you have heavy menstrual periods from endometriosis or fibroids? Does this sound like you? My 43-year-old client started having heavy menstrual bleeding six months ago. Her entire lower abdomen hurt as someone punched her. Her abdominal pains felt better when lying down in the fetal position and felt worse when walking. Her lower abdominal […]

Dizziness or Vertigo: Which One Do You Have?

When I was training for the New York City Marathon, I stepped in a pothole and lost my balance, and almost fell. Luckily, I caught myself and in doing so, I injured my neck. The first 2 cervicals in my neck (C1 and C2) went out of alignment. I felt dizzy and nauseous at the […]

Are You Anemic?

Are you experiencing heavy bleeding during your menstrual period, month-after-month? Are you having breakthrough bleeding between your menstrual period? Do your hemorrhoids continually bleed? Is your face or inside lower eye lid a pale color?  Fingernails a light pink or white color, instead of dark pink? If you have any of these symptoms you are […]

Do You have Eczema, Psoriasis or Another Skin Condition?

Are you tired of applying a skin cream (i.e., Cortisone, anti-itch, healing moisturizing) on your eczema, psoriasis or on another skin ailment…only to continue having your skin symptoms? I am here to tell you that topical creams whether it is a steroid, anti-itching cream, healing moisturizing cream, essential oils, tea tree oil or the so-called […]

No Bones About it –There’s More to Calcarea Phosphorica

No Bones About it –There’s More to Calcarea Phosphorica Calcarea Phosphorica, commonly called Calc Phos, is a homeopathic remedy made from phosphate of lime (calcium phosphate). Calcium and phosphorus are two minerals that help in making the bones hard and strong. Calc Phos is what’s called a Synthetic Homeopathic Remedy. Meaning, it is made up […]

Homeopathy and Your New Puppy

Homeopathy and Your New Puppy New puppies are a joy! Depending on the age of the puppy when you bring it home or the puppy’s prior environment, puppies can be stressed or even sick. I’ve listed a few common ailments I get calls about and how homeopathy can help with your new pet. Maybe your […]