Have you ever hit your testicles on your bike or been kicked in the groin? If so, you know just how painful that can be.

My client called to tell me her 5-year-old son injured his testicles while learning to ride his bike a few days ago. She told me that his bike was going too fast, and he tried to stop the bike by using the brakes. He came to a dead stop, popped off the seat, intending to get off the bike, but forgot that he could not easily clear the sissy bar and injured himself. She had given him several doses of the Homeopathic Remedy Arnica Montana 200c, which helped a little, but her son was still complaining of pain. I explained to her that Arnica is the first Homeopathic Remedy to think of for an injury. Since Arnica did not address the injury, he needs the Homeopathic Remedy Bellis Perennis. Bellis Perennis is selected when Arnica does not address an injury and when soft tissue is involved, such as (in this case) the testicles. I recommended that she give her son Bellis Perennis 30c several times daily. A few days later, my client called to report that her son is doing much better with the Bellis Perennis. Her son has also mastered getting on and off his bike without problems clearing the sissy bar.

Homeopathic Remedies for Shooting Pain and Swelling from a Testicular Injury

Had she told me he was experiencing shooting pains in his testicles, I would have selected the Homeopathic Remedy Hypericum 30c to be taken throughout the day when the shooting pain intensified. Sometimes there is fluid between several layers of tissue, which causes the testicles to become swollen. When Arnica or Bellis Perennis is not able to release the fluid between the several layers of tissue that make up the skin, then I bring in the Homeopathic Remedy Apis Melifica 200c to eliminate the fluid. By eliminating the fluid with the Apis, the Arnica or Bellis Perennis can then work on the trauma, in this case caused from hitting the sissy bar.

Blood in The Urine Due to Testicular Injury

My client called to ask if there is a homeopathic remedy to be taken for blood in the urine following a kick to the testicles. I told him there was, and asked for a description of what happened. He explained that he had been horsing around with his 2 sons on the floor and one of his sons accidentally kicked him in the groin, and he had felt like he was going to faint. I had him take the Homeopathic Remedy Millefolium 30c twice a day. I explained to him that Millefolium is used for blood in the urine from testicular or penile injury. I also recommended that he take the Homeopathic Remedy Arnica 200c 2 to 3 times a day for the trauma to the testicles.

My client called again several days later stating that the blood in the urine was gone, but he does still have slight soreness in the testicles. I had him continue taking the Arnica 200c 3 times a day until the testicular soreness goes away. I also suggested that he do a castor oil pack on the testicles to help with the healing process.

Symptoms of Testicular Trauma May Include:

  • Severe pain in your scrotum (the sac that holds your testicles)
  • Bruising on your scrotum (testicles)
  • Swelling in your scrotum (testicles)
  • Pain and discomfort in your lower abdomen
  • Nausea and/or vomiting
  • Fever after injury
  • Blood in your urine (hematuria)
  • Pain while urinating (dysuria)


Homeopathic Remedies for Injuries to Scrotum or Testicles

Taking a homeopathic remedy for trauma to the scrotum and testicles, such as hitting a sissy bar on a bike, getting hit by a baseball, or being kicked, can help with the pain and help prevent any complications later on.

Arnica Montana – Is selected as the first homeopathic remedy to take for pain from a trauma to the groin area, such as getting hit by a baseball, banging your groin on a bicycle’s sissy bar, or being kicked. The pain is so severe you fear getting hit in the genital area as someone approaches you. The pain is worse from the slightest touch or movement. You may have weakness and a near-fainting feeling from the pain or testicular swelling.

Bellis Perennis – Selected for injuries to soft tissues or nerves such as the scrotum or testicles. Tumors to the testicles from an injury, trauma, or major surgery to testicles. The pain feels better with cool baths or compresses.

Apis Melifica – Swelling of the testicles or scrotum, especially if Arnicadid not help. Swelling feels better with a cold compress.

Hypericum – Is selected for injury to soft tissues or nerves, such as the testicles and scrotum, with shooting pains. Injured parts are painful and sensitive to touch. You may have numbness and tingling in the testicles.

Rhus Toxicodendron – The scrotum is swollen and painful. The pain feels better with movement and heat.

Millefolium Achillea Used for an injury to the penis or testicles with blood seen in the urine. 

Staphysagria Selected for an injury to the testicles or penis or for healing the genitals after surgery. The injury is worse from the slightest touch and better from rest and applying warmth to the genital area.

Hamamelis Virginiana Is selected for severe neuralgic pains after injury to the testicles. The testes are enlarged, hot and painful. 

Using Castor Oil Packs

Applying a castor oil pack can help speed the healing process of the injured area.

  1. Apply a thin coating of castor oil to the painful area.
  2. Next, place a cloth on the area where you applied the castor oil.
  3. Then apply heat to the area for 10-20 minutes.


Complications from Testicular Injuries

Complications of testicular trauma can include:

  • Infections
  • Infertility
  • Low testosterone
  • Urological problems
  • Sexual Dysfunction – Swelling from testicular trauma, which can cause ED if the inflammation is chronic


While following a doctor’s orders to rest and ice the affected area, you can also take homeopathic remedies to address the testicular pain, bruising, swelling, and nausea. A homeopathic remedy is selected according to the symptoms you are experiencing, such as the kind of pain, along with what makes the pain feel better or worse. The homeopathic remedy will also address the trauma that happened to your testicle, along with the pain, whereas a painkiller will only take away the pain you are experiencing.



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