My 35-year-old client called to tell me he was just diagnosed with a hydrocele. He said his testicles are very swollen and have a burning sensation. The testicles feel better when he applies a cool compress to the genital area. I selected the homeopathic remedy Apis Melifica 200c and had him take it three times a day in a Remedy Solution Bottle (RSB) with ten succussions until the swelling goes down.

I had my client increase the succussions of the Apis 200c from 10 to 12 and continue taking the remedy three times a day. A few days later, he told me the burning sensation was gone, and the swelling had decreased considerably. However, in the last 24 hours, the swelling hasn’t decreased. In fact, he said the swelling might actually be increasing as the day goes on.

My client called four days later, saying he couldn’t believe how just increasing the succussions by two increments made such a difference in decreasing the swelling. The swelling in the testicle has completely gone down. I explained to him that the Apis 200c was not strong enough with only ten succussions to continue the healing process. For the Apis to continue addressing the swelling, we had to increase the succussions to decrease the swelling.

Hydrocele Feels Better with Warm Compress

If my client said the testicular swelling felt better when he applied a warm compress, I would have selected the homeopathic remedy Silicea 200c taken three times a day in a Remedy Solution Bottle (RSB) with ten succussions. One of the key symptoms you want to look for when selecting a homeopathic remedy is what makes the symptoms better or worse (i.e., hot, cold, or movement) without taking any medications or herbs.

What is a Hydrocele?

A hydrocele is an abnormal collection of fluid in the thin sheath surrounding a testicle, usually from an injury or infection in the testicle or the epididymis (the small, coiled tube at the back of each testicle) known as epididymitis.

Who Can Develop a Hydrocele?

  • Baby Boys

A hydrocele can develop before birth when the testicles descend from the newborn’s abdominal cavity into the scrotum. Sometimes, the fluid remains after the sac closes, causing the baby to have a hydrocele at birth, which is common for newborns. The hydrocele, in most cases, disappears on its own by age 1.

  • Older Boys and Adult Men

Older males can develop a hydrocele due to inflammation or injury within the scrotum. A hydrocele is not a major health issue but can be embarrassing and uncomfortable.

Hydrocele Symptoms

  • Swelling of one or both testicles
  • Pain in the testicles, though sometimes painless
  • Adult men may experience discomfort from the heaviness of a swollen scrotum.


Hydrocele Complications

A hydrocele itself is not dangerous. However, when one develops, it can be a sign of other health conditions, such as:

  • An infection or tumor, which may reduce sperm production or function
  • An inguinal hernia, where the loop of the intestine is trapped in the abdominal wall and can lead to life-threatening complications


Newborn with Hydrocele

My client called me a week after giving birth to her son, telling me his testicles are swollen. The doctor diagnosed the baby with a hydrocele and said there is nothing they can do about it. The doctor said the hydrocele usually goes away on its own. However, if the hydrocele does not go away by his 1st birthday, the doctor will do a surgical procedure to drain the fluid and may have to remove the hydrocele sac. My client asked me if Homeopathy could help her son. I said, “Yes, we can select a homeopathic remedy according to your son’s symptoms, and I expect the hydrocele to be improving within 24 hours.”

My client told me her son’s testicles are swollen and seem very firm and painful, especially on the left side. She also stated that her son prefers a warm compress on the area, too. I selected the homeopathic remedy Rhododendron 30c, to be taken in a Remedy Solution Bottle (RSB) with ten succussions two times a day (am and bedtime). I told her if her son’s hydrocele seems to be tender again in the afternoon, to give the Rhododendron an additional time midday with ten succussions.

My client reported to me four days later, stating the hydrocele swelling is 50% better since administering the Rhododendron 3 times a day. I had her continue giving her son Rhododendron 3 times a day until the swelling is completely down.

Homeopathic Remedies for a Hydrocele

Whether your hydrocele is from an Injury, inflammation (i.e., due to infection), or since birth, the following homeopathic remedies are commonly selected for a hydrocele.

Apis Melifica – Hot, inflamed, painful swelling of testicles, especially right testicle, dropsy (swelling of the scrotum), stinging, and burning pains. Feels better with cold applications., painful to touch, violent itching, and redness of the scrotum.

Aurum Metallicum Painful swelling of the testicles, especially in children. Chronic hardness, atrophy (withering of organ) of testicles, and hydrocele.

Graphites – Hydrocele with itching and better with applying cold to the area.

Iodum Purum– Hydrocele, with twisting pain in the spermatic cord.

Pulsatilla – Hydrocele with the testicles hanging down low. Pain from the abdomen to the testicles. Worse lying on the back and with warm compresses. Better with cold

Rhododendron – Hydrocele in boys from birth. The testicles are hard and drawn up, swollen and painful, especially on the left side, including the epididymis. The pain decreases when applying heat and with movement.

Rhus Toxicodendron – Hydrocele from over lifting. The symptoms are better when heat is applied to the area and with movement.

Silicea Hydrocele from birth. There is a burning and soreness in the genitals that is better with a warm compress and worse with cold.

There are no medications available to treat a hydrocele. A doctor will have you wait 6-12 months to see if the hydrocele goes away on its own. When a hydrocele does not disappear, the doctor will do a surgical procedure to drain the fluid in the testicles. Sometimes the hydrocele sac needs to be removed, too.

Why wait out the 6-12 months of pain with walking, sitting, and the embarrassment, when you can take a homeopathic remedy and start addressing the hydrocele within 24 hours? You will see results in the decrease of swelling with a Homeopathic Remedy, and other symptoms improving as well.


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