Did You Know that there are 8 Ways to Take a Homeopathic Remedy?

Now that you have selected a Homeopathic remedy for your acute symptoms, the next step is how to administer the Homeopathic remedy. Do you administer the Homeopathic remedy dry or wet? What does administering a Homeopathic remedy wet or dry even mean? Most people only know about taking a Homeopathic remedy dry, by placing 1 or more pellets on the tongue. Yes, you can place the homeopathic remedy pellet directly on the tongue. There is no magical door under the tongue that allows the Homeopathic remedy in.

As you can see there is more than one way to administer Homeopathic Remedies. One method is not better than another. The method chosen should depend on the situation and conditions faced at that time.

1. Dry pellets – Taking a Homeopathic remedy dry means placing 1 or more pellets on the tongue. Taking a Homeopathic remedy dry is great way to take the Homeopathic remedy when you only need to take a few doses. When taking a Homeopathic remedy dry you are taking the same dose/strength each time you take it.

2. Wet – Means taking a homeopathic remedy in a Remedy Solution Bottle (RSB), either a 4 oz. RSB or a 1 oz. Dropper RSB. A 4 oz. RSB is made by adding 4 ounces of spring or distilled water to a clean bottle (preferably amber), add 1-3 teaspoons 80 proof or higher alcohol (vodka, Everclear) and then add 1-3 pellets of a homeopathic remedy. (To see a video on How to Make a Homeopathic RSB go to ViranginiCindy.com). When you first make the RSB, be sure to label it with the remedy name, potency and date. Administer the remedy by drinking a capful or taking one or two drop(s) of the homeopathic remedy. Taking a homeopathic remedy in water is a stronger strength, than taking dry pellets. If you succuss (tapping the bottom of the bottle against something resilient – hand or leather bound book) 1 – 10 times each time before taking a dose, the homeopathic remedy strength becomes stronger. As you are getting stronger/healthier by succussing the RSB, you will continue to move along to a healthier you. When the symptom picture is not improving anymore by taking a homeopathic RSB with 10 succussions, you will increase the succussions by two increments and start succussing the RSB with 12 succussions, and so on.

3. Topically – A Homeopathic remedy can also be applied topically on the body. You can either succuss the RSB or not, pour a small amount of the homeopathic remedy solution on to a unscented napkin or paper towel and apply anywhere on the body. The best place to apply a Homeopathic remedy is on the lips, behind the knee, or on the soles of the feet. The topical method is a great way to administer a Homeopathic remedy to someone that cannot drink liquids or to administer to animals. I usually recommend administering a dose on the animal’s nose or directly on the body. You may also use a 1 ounce RSB dropper bottle with either 0-10 succussion and place a drop or two on the animal’s nose or body.

Methods for Adjusting the RSB Potency Using Dosage Cups (DC)

The following methods of taking a homeopathic remedy are used for adjusting a RSB that is working but is too strong of a dose (overdose). An overdose means that shortly after taking a homeopathic remedy the symptoms temporarily become worse (i.e., coughing more). And when you back off from the homeopathic remedy, the overdose symptoms improve (i.e., coughing less). If you still need the homeopathic remedy the symptoms start to return again which means you are ready for the next dose.

4. Dosage Cup (DC) – 4 ounce DC. This is a disposable cup that is used just for that homeopathic remedy (RSB). The dosage is used to get that in-between succussion or when taking a homeopathic remedy in a LM potency (LM/1, Q1). Example: The 4 ounce RSB is succussed 10 times and is no longer improving the symptom picture. You increase the succussion to 11 and administer a dose of the Homeopathic remedy. The Homeopathic remedy with 11 succussions caused an aggravation. Ten succussions is too weak and 11 succussions is too strong. This is what I call a half of a succussion (10 ½ succussions). The homeopathic RSB is succussed 11 times; a dose is taken out with either a cap or a disposable teaspoon from the RSB, and then added to a disposable cup with 4 ounces of spring or distilled water. The DC is gently stirred or swirled a few times. A dose of the homeopathic remedy is taken from the DC either with the RSB cap, disposable teaspoon or directly sipped from the DC. Dispose of any remaining remedy in the DC by watering plants or flushing down the toilet.

• LM’s are another potency of a Homeopathic remedy that is made from a substance that was triturated to a 3c potency, which is further diluted 1:50,000. A homeopathic LM remedy is made by adding one #10 pellet to a 4 ounce RSB that can be succussed 0 – 10 times. A dose is taken out of the RSB (just as explained above) and added to a DC with 4 ounces of spring or distilled water. The remedy solution in the cup is then gently stirred or swirled and a dose is taken out and administered. Dispose of any remaining remedy in the DC by watering plants or flushing down the toilet.

5. Second Disposable Cup (DC#2) – If a LM homeopathic remedy is too strong (overdose) when taking a dose from the first DC (DC#1), a second DC (DC#2) is used. Again this means that after the overdosed symptoms decrease the overall symptom picture is better. Not just because the aggravation is gone, but the person is feeling better overall. The DC#2 is taken as follows: You make up two DCs. The homeopathic RSB can be succussed 0-10 times and a dose is added to DC #1 with 4 oz. of spring or distilled water, which is gently swirled or stirred. Then a dose is taken from the DC#1 and added to a DC#2 with 4 ounces of spring or distilled water and again gently stirred or swirled. A dose is administered from the DC#2 to whoever is taking the homeopathic remedy. Either from the RSB cap, disposable teaspoon or sipped directly from DC#2. Dispose of any remaining remedy in both DCs by watering plants or flushing down the toilet.

Methods for Hyper-Sensitive People

These following methods are used for hyper-sensitive people; they know who they are. They are the ones that always have to take less than the lower dosage of medications, herbs, etc.. Someone that is sensitive to lactose (pellets are made from milk sugar) can also use these methods to take a homeopathic remedy.

6. Olfaction – The Olfaction method is when a pellet of a Homeopathic remedy is in a small vial with alcohol. The vial can be succussed or not, is opened up and passed under the nose to catch a whiff of the homeopathic remedy dose. One whiff is considered one dose.

7. 8 ounce Homeopathic RSB – The 8 ounce homeopathic RSB is made up by adding 8 ounces of spring or distilled water to a bottle, 3-4 teaspoons of 80 proof or stronger alcohol (vodka or Everclear)/or refrigerate the RSB. Next a homeopathic remedy pellet is added to the RSB. The RSB is usually not succussed and a dose is taken directly from the 8 ounce RSB and administered. I don’t use 8 ounce RSBs very often in my consulting, but it is another method to administer a homeopathic remedy when needed.

8. Wear the Homeopathic Remedy – This last method is one that is not used too often, but worth mentioning. This is when you wear a vial or a coin envelope of a homeopathic remedy close to the body. Place the Homeopathic remedy in a vial or coin envelope and place the vial/envelope in a pocket. Some women have been known to tuck it in their bra for a period of time. The thought process here is the energy/vibration of the homeopathic remedy will be absorbed into the body.

Once you have decided what method to use to administer a homeopathic remedy, the next step is how often to take the remedy. When you purchase a homeopathic remedy bottle the label states: take the homeopathic remedy as needed. What does “take as needed” mean? In an acute case (i.e. headache, cough), that can be every 15 minutes to 1 time a day. Taking a homeopathic remedy for a chronic case, can be 1-3 times a day, a dose every other day or even a dose every few days. The only real answer is to repeat the homeopathic remedy when you start to exhibit symptoms again and be sure to note the interval time between each dose needed.

As you can see there is more than one way to administer Homeopathic Remedies. One method is not better than another. The method chosen should depend on the situation and conditions faced at that time.


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