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Does this Sound like Your Peripheral Neuropathy Symptoms?

A new client called asking me if Homeopathy can help Peripheral Neuropathy. She told me she was just diagnosed with Peripheral Neuropathy. She said about a year ago, she started noticing her feet would feel numb, as if they had fallen asleep every once in a while. In the last month or so, she started to notice she was feeling the numbness in the feet more often. She said sometimes her feet feel like she has a stocking on her foot when she doesn’t. My client told me 10 years ago, she was diagnosed with Diabetes and has been able to manage it with a low dose of Diabetic medication and diet. I asked her what makes the numbness feel better or worse. She stated her feet feel better when walking barefoot on the cold tile floor. After asking her a few more questions, I selected the Homeopathic Remedy Phosphorus 30c to be taken in a Homeopathic Remedy Solution Bottle with 10 succussions every night at bedtime. I told her if the Phosphorus does not start to improve the stocking feeling, she will also need the Homeopathic Remedy Apis Melifica.

My client reported later in the week that she had noticed the numbness was a little less intense, especially in the morning. I had her continue taking Phosphorus every night at bedtime with 10 succussions.

My client called back two weeks later, stating her numbness improved by about 50%. However, she is noticing that the numbness is starting to become more intense by late afternoon. I had her increase her succussions on Phosphorus Homeopathic Remedy Solution Bottle to 12 succussions and continue taking it every night at bedtime. I reminded my client the best way to address Peripheral Neuropathy is to have a complete health history taken to help select a 6c Homeopathic Remedy for the Diabetes, the primary reason for the Neuropathy.

What is Peripheral Neuropathy?

Peripheral Neuropathy occurs when nerves are damaged or destroyed and can’t send messages from the brain and spinal cord to the nerves of the extremities (arms, hands, fingers, legs, feet, and toes). Some sensations you can experience with Peripheral Neuropathy are feet feeling numb, tingling, or burning, which makes it hard for you to tell where the ground is and may cause you to lose your balance or stagger. There are many health conditions that involve damage to the peripheral nervous system, such as Diabetes.

Common Peripheral Neuropathy Symptoms:

Most Peripheral Neuropathy symptoms have a gradual onset, such as numbness, prickling, or tingling in the feet or hands, which often spread upward into your legs and arms.

  • You may also have a tight glove or a stocking on the area
  • Pains such as stabbing, sharp, shooting, jabbing, throbbing or burning
  • You may have extreme sensitivity to touch
  • Have a lack of coordination and falling; loss of balance and coordination
  • May have muscle weakness


How Homeopathy Addresses Peripheral Neuropathy

However, no matter what the reason is as to why you are having Peripheral Neuropathy, Homeopathic Remedies can help Peripheral Neuropathy symptoms and pain acutely. You will select a 30 or 200c Homeopathic Remedy for Peripheral Neuropathy acutely for the symptoms you are experiencing, especially for symptoms from an injury or medication damage.

The best way to address Peripheral Neuropathy with Homeopathy is to take a 6c Homeopathic Remedy for the health condition causing the Neuropathy – Diabetes, Lyme’s, Rheumatoid Arthritis, etc. A complete health history is taken to select a Homeopathic Remedy to address the health condition that is causing the Peripheral Neuropathy. You will take the selected 6c Homeopathic Remedy will be taken daily, and often you will need to take a 30c or a 200c Homeopathic Remedy to address acute symptoms until the 6c Remedy has addressed the health condition for why you have Peripheral Neuropathy.

Homeopathic Remedies for Peripheral Neuropathy

There are many Homeopathic Remedies for various kinds of nerve pain, and listed here are common remedies for nerve pain felt when you have Peripheral Neuropathy.

  • Agaricus Muscarius – Your Peripheral Neuropathy will feel as if being pierced with icy cold needles or splinters, as if the area is ice cold/frozen, with numbness and tingly.
  • Apis Melifica– This is often used for the tight glove of stocking feeling.
  • Argentum Nitricum – Is for Peripheral Neuropathy with numbness of hands and fingers. The symptoms are worse from heat and at night.
  • Arsenicum Album – Your Peripheral Neuropathy pain is burning, which is better when applying heat. The hand and foot symptoms may extend to the arms and legs.
  • Belladonna – Throbbing pain is better when applying cold to the area.
  • Cadmium Sulphuratum – For Peripheral Neuropathy from chemotherapy. Unless another Homeopathic Remedy fits the symptoms.
  • Causticum – Is selected for Peripheral Neuropathy with muscle weakness in the limbs, and it feels as if ants are crawling (formication).
  • Colocynthis – Your Peripheral Neuropathy pains are more of a cutting, pinching, gnawing feeling or an electric shock-like pain. The symptoms feel better with pressure and are worse with gentle touch.
  • Hypericum –Peripheral Neuropathy has numbness, tingling in your hands or feet, and burning pains, especially from an injury.
  • Kali Phosphoricum – Your Peripheral Neuropathy symptoms are numbness and prickling feeling in your hands and feet.
  • Oxalic Acid – Has Peripheral Neuropathy with numbness and tingling in the limbs.
  • Phosphorus – Usually the #1 Homeopathic Remedy for Peripheral Neuropathy. Phosphorus is often selected for Diabetes, too. Phosphorus addresses the numbness, tingling, and burning sensation that feels better when applying cold on the area especially with a burning sensation. It could help the tight glove or stocking feeling.
  • Picricum Acidum – Select for Peripheral Neuropathy with pins and needles-like sensation in the hands or feet. You may also have in the legs and arms.
  • Plumbum Metallicum – Is selected for Peripheral Neuropathy with wasting or thinning of the muscles of your limbs.
  • Rhus Toxicodendron – This is selected for Peripheral Neuropathy, which has a burning feeling that is better once you move the area around and apply heat. You may feel restless with the symptoms.


What Causes Peripheral Neuropathy?

There can be various reasons why you can have Peripheral Neuropathy. Listed below are some of the common reasons why you may have Peripheral Neuropathy.

  • Trauma or Injury to the nerves, including prolonged pressure on a nerve or group of nerves, is a common cause of Neuropathy.
  • Diabetes is the most common cause of Peripheral Neuropathy and is sometimes referred to as Diabetic Neuropathy.
  • Vitamin Deficiencies, such as B vitamins (e.g., B12, folate) and copper, can cause damage to the nerves.
  • Autoimmune Neuropathy from diseases such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Systemic Lupus, and Guillain-Barre syndrome (a rare disorder in which your body’s immune system attacks the nerves) can cause neuropathies.
  • Infections, such as HIV/AIDS, Lyme disease, Leprosy, and Syphilis, can damage nerves.
  • Post-Herpetic Neuralgia comes from complications with shingles.
  • Genetic or inherited Disorders that affect the nerves can cause Neuropathy.
  • Drugs or Medications can cause nerve damage, such as cancer therapy drugs and some antibiotics.
  • Tumors (benign or malignant) of the nerves or near the nerves invading the nerves or causing Neuropathy due to pressure on the nerves.
  • Vascular Disorder (circulation problem) occurs when you sit or lie a certain way, and an arm or leg falls asleep; the circulation returns when you shift your body. When there are severe circulation issues, it can cause serious and permanent nerve damage.


With its gentle and natural remedies, Homeopathy is a safe and effective option for those looking for alternative treatments to conventional medicine for Peripheral Neuropathy. Whether seeking relief from acute symptoms or looking for a long-term solution to your health issues, Homeopathy can provide personalized care tailored to your needs.

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